Erectile Dysfunction

  1. October 12, 2019

    Staple Items For Discouraging Erectile Dysfunction

    I know a lot of families who rely on staple food items and don’t experiment or alter their diet for the sake of discouraging erectile dysfunction.

    For example, a lot of families prefer sweet potatoes over green-leafy vegetables despite leafy vegetables bearing more benefits.

    If you are one of those families who is reluctant in modifying the diet, don’t worry, your staple items may give you the required nutrition to fight off impotence.

    Let’s go through some of the staple items which see you through erectile dysfunction without having to scratch off your head in adjusting your diet.

    If you have these staple items in your diet-style, you are doing your indirect bit in converting your dull sex life into a brighter one.

    Sweet potatoes

    Sweet potatoes, as sw

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  2. October 12, 2019

    The Spots You Probably Forget To Rub The Sunscreen

    Yay! Summers are finally here, and you probably don’t want to miss your swimming, go-karting, and tennis classes.

    We all start summers on a positive note until the beaming arrows from the sun find their ways into our skins were they shouldn’t.That’s right.

    Sunburns aren’t painful, but they hit the heart because we start pondering about a lot of “what ifs.”

    “What if had I applied the sunscreen with more care, what if had I not been in too hurry?” and many more.

    Anyway, there’s no point in disappointing ourselves; instead, we shall make sure that we smear the sunscreen in the places we have forgotten throughout our lives.

    So, let’s just spot these spots and vow to prevent them from the attack of the sun radiations.

    Top of the feet.

    How terrible it looks when we get home, fish out our footwear, and find the sunburn marks?It’s prolly because we don’t reach to our feet.

    It takes severe bending to reach to the

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  3. October 12, 2019

    The Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

    Birth control pill (also known as an unwanted pill) is a hormone-based contraceptive method which effectively avoids pregnancy.

    Its perfect use and the combination is 99% effective whereas the effectivity decreases to 90% if misused.

    The other advantages include regulating irregular menstruation, controlling pre-menstruation syndrome, and painful cramps.

    Despite such multitudinous benefits, use of unwanted pills as contraceptive may affect the sexual life and can pose unexpected side effects.

    Let’s surface some of the side effects.

    Side effects

    Vaginal Bleeding

    Many reasons attribute to vaginal bleeding, but one of the prime reasons is a hormonal imbalance.

    Birth control pills have synthetic estrogen and progesterone.

    They control the menstruation cycle.

    The imbalance between the two results i

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  4. October 12, 2019

    Surprising Habits Which Cause Erectile Dysfunctionality (Part 1)

    We are aware of the fact that psychological and hormonal imbalance results in Erectile Dysfunction (the inability to get a firm erection).

    However, when we look at it closely, there are so many factors which contribute to the growth of ED, and the worst part is— they could be anything between our daily habits to gestures, diet to usual activities, etc.

    Technically, we all are a contributing cause for our EDs, and we don’t even know about it.

    It’s high time when we take a more in-depth look at our activities and their connection with ED.

    So, let’s quickly hop to the section which discusses how some of our habits could unexpectedly and surprisingly make way for Erectile Dysfunc

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  5. October 12, 2019

    Sexual Hygiene Tips For Enhancing Sexual Performance

    It’s ironic how dirty sex demands sexual hygiene.

    Your sexual hygiene plays a significant role in deciding how good and safe is your sex.

    Roll your eyes through some of the hygiene bullets which might help you to enjoy great sex.

    Wash and dry your penis carefully.

    The skin on genital and its region are as same as the skin on our body.

    They call for cleanliness.

    It’s good to wash and let off the dirt from the skin of the penis and region around it.

    Wash followed by a dry rub at least once a day would lessen the chances of the itchy penis.

    Moreover, cleaning it before sexual intercourse would lead to healthy sex.

    It’s not a perfect way to prevent the sexually transmitted infections; however, it contributes a tin

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  6. October 12, 2019

    Reasons Which Lead To Premature Ejaculation

    My inner friend circle usually discusses on how early ejaculation abandons their spouses unsatisfied; how they feel disappointed on hearing the ungratified screeching scream of their wives; how their partners fume in anger when each one of them loses sexual charm immediately after quick ejaculation leaving their wives midst of unattained sexual orgasm.

    Studies have shown that men suffering premature ejaculation— an act of early semen emission with minimal stimulation— produce an orgasmic blow in less than 2 minutes which is thirteen minutes earlier to women.

    Now, that’s devastating considering women take time to reach the climax of the sexual session.

    So, who has the problem? My friends or their wives?

    Well, I’d point the problems at my friends because what good sex is when it can’t even last longer than 2 minutes?

    A lot of people say that premature ejaculati

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  7. October 12, 2019

    Radish Green Offers A Green Signal To Massive Erection

    The shape of Radish green often draws a similarity with the shaft you have under your pants— probably this is why it’s used as a fantasizing toy by kinky women.

    But does its shape has anything to do with your penis?

    How about radish green giving your penis a new kind of power to discourage erectile dysfunction for living the sexual expectations of your partner?

    Well, there’s no perfect evidence which associates radish with your penile function; however, with whatever clinical anecdotes we have, we can surely try to link them.

    So, let’s take a quick look at how radish green may improve sexual functions in the body.

    It’s an antibacterial warrior.

    Radish greens are those antibacterial warriors who defend the body from microbes and bacteria— all salute to its active compound— raphanin.

    One of the close examinations prove that radish has an

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  8. October 12, 2019

    Sex During Pregnancy— Attending FAQs (Part 2)

    In the previous section, we covered some of the frequently asked questions which a lot of puzzled couples ask.

    And their bewilderment is apparent considering sex life after pregnancy takes a whole new turn; however, sex education and information regarding the do’s and don’ts during the sexual session could bring back the lost spirit of sex among couples.

    In the given write up, I shall resolve some of the most frequently troubling questions concerning sex during pregnancy.

    So, Let’s begin with hitting the troubles out of the park.

    Question: Can I have unprotected sex during pregnancy?

    Answer: A lot of women think that pregnancy makes them impervious to sexua

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  9. October 12, 2019

    Saying Goodbye To The Hair Knots Was Never This Easy

    Well, I know how hair knots and tangles could bring out grump in the coolest of the heads.

    For you, hair tangle leads to the bad quality of hair; for me, it tests my patience, induces stress, inculcates fear, and many other things which obviously aren’t good for health.

    As hair knot may become one of the extended parts of your family, it really depends on how we want to perceive this guest— whether with the arms wide open or with the tapered claws of our hands which look forward to untangling it.

    The given section is entirely dedicated to the people who don’t go well with these knots.

    For all of you who hate these uninvited guests, and want to get over them— trust me, saying goodbye to them was never this easy.

    With the hair stylists and styling schools, an entire batch of the current generation has become cautious about hair, its potion, and nourishment, etc.

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  10. October 12, 2019

    Sex During Pregnancy— Attending FAQs (Part 1)

    Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? How often should I have sex with my pregnant wife? What’s the best way to reduce the sexual urge during pregnancy?

    A series of questions could baffle your pregnant partner and you regarding sexual sessions especially if you are frequent sex lover.

    Well, that’s pretty normal because sexual life slows down with pregnancy, and a lot of couples start drifting apart.

    As you see your relationship falling apart due to lack of physical intimacy, your stress makes sense.

    In the given section, I shall answer some of the frequently asked questions which could help you to get over stress caused by lack of sex and also enlighten you about the do’s and don’ts of the sexual session.

    Question: Is it safe to have intercourse during pregnancy?

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