The shape of Radish green often draws a similarity with the shaft you have under your pants— probably this is why it’s used as a fantasizing toy by kinky women.

But does its shape has anything to do with your penis?

How about radish green giving your penis a new kind of power to discourage erectile dysfunction for living the sexual expectations of your partner?

Well, there’s no perfect evidence which associates radish with your penile function; however, with whatever clinical anecdotes we have, we can surely try to link them.

So, let’s take a quick look at how radish green may improve sexual functions in the body.

It’s an antibacterial warrior.

Radish greens are those antibacterial warriors who defend the body from microbes and bacteria— all salute to its active compound— raphanin.

One of the close examinations prove that radish has antibacterial properties, and in the latest development, it has also found new components which fend off the disease-causing bacteria. [1]

Did you know that hemorrhoid— better known as piles in standard nomenclature— is also a bacterial disease?

The antibacterial properties of radish can be directed as a home remedy for treating piles. [2]

Associating piles with erectile dysfunction: As piles is a condition which inflames and presses the veins in the rectum, the blood vessels in the pelvic region may face difficulty in a swift movement.

The simple erection involves the blood flow from pelvic arteries to the penis which when stopped leads to erectile dysfunction.

Hence, disrupting the pelvic arteries easily contribute to impotence, thereby snatching the man’s ability to get hard. [3]

How radish green treats erectile dysfunction: As it doesn’t allow bacteria to dominate the body, it indirectly halts hemorrhoid.

It also suppresses the inflammation; henceforth, reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction.

It improves liver condition.

The bad liver condition brings a lot of comorbidities— the diseases which accompany the primary infection.

The fluid imbalance or overload deteriorates the liver condition which sooner or later succumbs if left untreated.

Luckily, radish has been used for treating chronic liver issues for centuries, and you can’t stop thanking its minerals.

As it possesses diuretic potassium— the mineral which balances the fluid in the body by annulling sodium in the bloodstream, it helps in maintaining a healthy liver and kidney. [4]

Associating liver diseases with erectile dysfunction: When it comes to determining the factors causing erectile dysfunction, it’s an uphill task for doctors.

A severe liver condition such as Hepatitis B and fluid imbalance which ultimately leads to high blood pressure and artery blockage in the penis have potentiated the risk of erectile dysfunction in the past. [5]

How radish green treats erectile dysfunction: Since radish enjoys the responsibility of maintaining the fluid in the body, it ensures that your heart functions properly without having to fear high blood pressure.

With blood pressure dipping down, the risk of erectile dysfunction automatically reduces.

Hence, it manages liver diseases so that it doesn’t bring erectile dysfunction as comorbidity.

It prevents the diabetic condition.

If you want to get rid of high blood sugar level count tonight, toss radish green on your salad plate and munch it down to your stomach.

Radish has antioxidant minerals such as anthocyanins— a potent antioxidant flavonoid which regulates the glucose level in blood. [6]

It reduces the oxidative stress which, in a cascading effect, averts diabetes neuropathy.

Associating diabetes with erectile dysfunction: The link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction isn’t rocket science.

The world knows it that diabetes neuropathy— the process in which free radicals in the diabetic body destroys the nerves.

Since diabetes is an autoimmune disease, it gets challenging for the body to control free radicals.

As they continue to attack penile nerves, the penis doesn’t get sufficient blood for erection, thereby getting erectile dysfunction-afflicted. [7]

How radish green treats erectile dysfunction: As the root vegetable contains antioxidants, they safeguard the nerves from free radicals.

These antioxidants also protect the nitric oxide in the body which gradually dilates the penile blood vessel.

The dilated penile arteries carry sufficient blood for erection, and one of the studies confirms that intaking radish reduces ED chances by 14%. [8]