We are aware of the fact that psychological and hormonal imbalance results in Erectile Dysfunction (the inability to get a firm erection).

However, when we look at it closely, there are so many factors which contribute to the growth of ED, and the worst part is— they could be anything between our daily habits to gestures, diet to usual activities, etc.

Technically, we all are a contributing cause for our EDs, and we don’t even know about it.

It’s high time when we take a more in-depth look at our activities and their connection with ED.

So, let’s quickly hop to the section which discusses how some of our habits could unexpectedly and surprisingly make way for Erectile Dysfunction.

Consuming beverage, soft drink, and food from cans

The packaging industry got smart when they introduced cans for storing beverages, drink, and food.

As they are getting concentrated in small cans every day, it’s a challenge for the packaging industry to preserve the items in the container.

To prevent the corrosion of metal cans, they are coated with a chemical called “bisphenol-A(BPA)”

Most of the plastic bottles, cans, and food packaging have bisphenol-A(BPA). The idea is to avert the leaching of the can wall into the food.

However, 2009 study from the Chinese Journal— the journal Human Reproduction demonstrates that the presence of bisphenol-A(BPA) in a male may lead to several sexual disorders such as fallen libido (sex drive), Erectile Dysfunction, and difficulties in ejaculation [1].

Precautions: Although the subject demands more research, there’s no harm in adopting precautions.

  1. Try to avoid canned food and choose fresh food over it.
  2. Look at the details on the can. Buy those with non-BPA content.
  3. Avoid canned items and plastic storage from sunlight and microwave. The higher exposure to heat could leach the material with food.

Addiction to cosmetic products

The cosmetic industry is all time high and is expected to inflate flamboyantly by 2021 [2].

While we add cosmetic products into our lives for enhancing external aesthetics, we are slowly orienting ourselves towards unknown sexual disorders.

Yes, cosmetics such as Hair Spray, Nail Paints, Lotions, Shampoos, Perfumes, etc. usher you towards Erectile Dysfunctionality and dipping level of testosterone.

A 2014 study on phthalates (the main chemical used in cosmetics) in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism pointed a probable scenario where the respondents with cosmetic use had lower sex drives and dim sexual moods compared to the non-cosmetic respondents [3].

Precautions: The study doesn’t confirm that the chemical exposure inevitably led to the dwindling of testosterone level; nevertheless, we should accept precautionary measures with our extended arms.

  1. Make distance from chemically synthesized cosmetics.
  2. Check the content before making a purchase. Don’t go for the phthalates-ladened item.
  3. Switch to the alternative solution, i.e., natural remedies for filling your cosmetic needs.

Vicious Bicycling

Whenever I hear the word cycling, my brain draws an image of Lance Armstrong and his spectacular performances of the 1990s, his fitness, sweat, stamina, and how it cured his cancer.

However, one of the hidden repercussions of excessive cycling is diminishing sexual function.

Yes, when a person cycles beyond the limit, the pressure is distributed in the buttocks of the cyclist.

Hard and small seats exert pressure on the arteries and nerve region of the genital area.

A study in 160 cyclists showed that 20% of the men suffered impotence or numbness in the penis [4].

Precautions: As the study demonstrates a significant connection between impotence and cycling (not inevitable), it’s better that we make little adjustments.

  1. Changing the sitting posture.
  2. Not exceeding the training intensity beyond the threshold.
  3. Ride in pauses— enjoy pauses for prolonged sexual activity.


A lot of daily activities steer your sexual power in the wrong direction. For bringing it back to the track, you need to step up and take care of yourself, adhere to safety measures, and stay updated.

Are you suffering from ED? Maybe you are affected by one of your habits. Disclose us about your regular habits and We—at MedyPharma, will try to map relationship between your disorder and practice.