Birth control pill (also known as an unwanted pill) is a hormone-based contraceptive method which effectively avoids pregnancy.

Its perfect use and the combination is 99% effective whereas the effectivity decreases to 90% if misused.

The other advantages include regulating irregular menstruation, controlling pre-menstruation syndrome, and painful cramps.

Despite such multitudinous benefits, use of unwanted pills as contraceptive may affect the sexual life and can pose unexpected side effects.

Let’s surface some of the side effects.

Side effects

Vaginal Bleeding

Many reasons attribute to vaginal bleeding, but one of the prime reasons is a hormonal imbalance.

Birth control pills have synthetic estrogen and progesterone.

They control the menstruation cycle.

The imbalance between the two results in abnormal vaginal bleeding during the periods

The newly consumption of hormonal pills may cause bleeding for three months.

Abnormal bleeding beyond three months invites doctor consultancy [1].


The emergency contraceptive pills have a hefty dose of hormones than the traditional lower dose of tablets.

The higher level of estrogen hormone may upset the stomach and result in queasiness

The new consumer is more likely to feel nauseous than the ones whose bodies have already conditioned to the exposure of higher volume of hormones.

Breast engorgement

Administering synthetic estrogen and progesterone bloat the breast and create tenderness.

The hormones in the pills develop chinks in the blood vessels present in the breast tissue.

The chinks in the blood vessels leak fluid in the breast tissue causing engorgement of the breast.

Migraine and headache

Not all women have the same tolerance to the changing menstruation cycle.

As pills have sex hormones, a lot of chemical processes occur in the body.

With plenty of chemical processes going on, the pain-sensitive nerve in the brain is stimulated causing a headache.

It’s again felt at the initial stage of intake.

Once your schedule acclimatizes with the introduction of the new pills, your pain will fade away.

In case your headache doesn’t resolve, you should be consulting your medical assistants.


Just as breast engorgement, your body is susceptible to weight gain.

Inletting emergency contraceptive pills open the door for fluid retention (edema).

The excessive sex hormones drills leakage in the various parts of the blood vessels in the body.

As the fluid leaks in the body tissues and cavities, the particular part looks inflated.

The heftiness in the body is strictly due to fluid retention and not the fats.

It may also cause the disproportionate distribution of the fluid in the body.

Mood swings

 As mentioned, women react differently to the pills.

While some may be very sensitive to the chemical changes in the body, and active woman may not feel much affected by such changes in the body.

However, some studies suggest that high estrogen volume can result in cortisol secretion.

Cortisol is a stress hormone which lowers down the mood and hinders daily life.

It’s when your body is making the minor adjustment to the hormonal intake, and once it gets used to the synthetic hormones, your body starts functioning normally.

Impact on sex drive

Unwanted pills like Levonorgestrel has a dual effect on the sex drive.

For some, the surging and the dipping hormone may dampen the sex drive, and for some, pills allow them to have stress-free sex (removing the pregnancy concern).

Hence, there are likable chances for toning down of sex drive but is not compulsive.

If you feel falling levels of libido, you need to shift your interest in other contraceptive procedures.

Another notable disadvantage of hormonal pill is that it doesn’t prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

So, what’s your preferable contraceptive measure? Share the pros and cons of the actions you take.