The human body is known to break and convert sugar and carbohydrates into simple sugar which later travels into the bloodstream and reaches the cells.

Cells use these sugar as the source of energy in the body and furnish protein which is an essential nutrient in the body.

Having taken the use of sugar seriously, men have raised their sugar consumption significantly.

But with the demand of the sweeteners— be it natural or synthetic— leaping enormous distances, there’s also an increase in concern regarding its impact on the health of the body.

The general populace usually associate sugar and glucose with chronic disorders like diabetes and gestational diabetes; however, their lack of knowledge about the link between sugar and sex make them ignorant towards their sex life.

Too much sugar intake brings bad fate to one’s sex life.

Let’s check how sugar poses some of the sexual-adversaries in the outlined points below.

A sorry state for sex protein/gene

As weird as it may sound— our bodies have sex proteins, and we better call it as— sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).It is dispersed in the blood.

Biologically, the liver produces the said protein which binds firmly to three hormones— estrogen, testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

The role of SHBG protein or gene is to transport sex hormones throughout the body.

The protein ultimately decides the amount of testosterone to be used by any organ.It is the ultimate regulator which allots the testosterone hormone.

As the volume of sex hormones are dependent on the will of these proteins, any impairment may lead to sexual abnormalities.

Impact of Sugar on SHBG: Although the growth of SHBG is affected by a lot of factors like age and lifestyle, the excessive ingestion of glucose and fructose also impedes its growth. The liver converts the beyond par level sugar into lipids which hamper the production of SHBG. As a result, the sex hormones find it difficult to reach to the different organs of the body leading to infertility. [1]

Cuts down testosterone level

Our body has an essential hormone in the form of Insulin.These hormones are responsible for carrying sugar such as glucose in the cells.

For easy understanding, you can consider insulin as a key which opens the cells and pushes the glucose inside it for energy.

When your body intakes more glucose, then it demands more insulin transporters.

Sometimes, other hormones in the body stop the insulin hormone by blocking it.It results in more glucose level in the bloodstream which is dangerous for health.

Impact of Sugar on Testosterone: As other hormones resist insulin, the level of glucose in the body keeps on surging. The higher the level of glucose in the system, the slower the metabolism. The dampened metabolism leads to poorer testosterone level— the hormonal pillar for masculine growth. The lack of testosterone might cater way for dead sex drive. [2]

Induces impotence

Contrary to the other organs in the body, the penis has blood vessels which are relatively small.

As the blood rushes in these vessels, the flaccid shaft turns into the inflated condition.

However, the small cross-sectional size of these vessels makes them susceptible to external pressure.

Impact of Sugar on Penis: As the sugar level in the body steeps up, the nerves and arteries in the penile region get impaired. It gets difficult for the blood to rush through the bottleneck created in the vessels. As a result, the stimulating neurotransmitters face challenges in carrying the crucial information between the brain and the penis. Since the response and action time are delayed, the penis fails to erect leading to erectile dysfunction. [3]

Your average blood sugar level should be less than 100 mg/DL after fasting for the minimum period of eight hours and should be well within 140 mg/DL within the two hours of the meal.

Since sexual disorders are multifactorial, maintaining your sugar level might help you to revive your sex life.