Has it been an enormous pain in the neck in finding aphrodisiac substances and their recipes?

Can’t wait to boost your sex life without having to change much of your go-to diet?

You are on the right section prolly because we are here to add spice to your sex life by adding these ingredients in your daily diet— and the catch is— we are going to keep your food the same.Come on, let’s dish out some of the tastier yet health appealing recipes.

Hot pepper toppings on Tacos

Damn. Nothing names as sexier as hot peppers.Someone has rightly named it— the hot peppers.Hot peppers can stitch the hot bedtime stories if you are willing to add them in your daily diet.

Spicing up your sex life by appending hot pepper spice was never this easy.You sprinkle the powder, or cut the capsicum fruit on the meal like Tacos and relax.

Let it burn the sexual desire in you by thinning the blood, and allowing more blood to rush through your penile vessels.

It also triggers your feel-good hormone— endorphins— which make your sexual journey one hell of a ride.

As it promises to induce long-lasting sexual cravings, don’t forget to wash your hands properly— because the burning desire will accompany the burned skin.

Pouring honey in the water

You and your honey need honey for making a successful romping session.Instead of drinking plain hot water every day, pour some honey in it, and drink it at lukewarm temperature.

You can set up the sexual atmosphere by pouring honey on your partner’s tongue from the honey box and interlock your tongue.The idea is to reap pleasure out of the viscous flow of the honey.

It’s believed that honey increases the level of nitric oxide in the body— the compound which blood necessarily needs during erection.

It has boron which also boosts the testosterone level in men, and sex drives in women.You can also customize your meal by adding honey dip as chutney and use it as a sex libation.

Sprinkling pomegranate on rice

Your rice is missing the pinkish sweet seeds of the pomegranate.It’s not always about spicing up the sex life but sweetening it too.A pinch of pomegranate over rice adds that sweetness in your sour sex life.

Imagine rice seeds mixing up with the pomegranate seeds— it’s like your seminal fluid mixing with your spouse’s pink lipstick.

Beautify your bedroom scenes by resorting to pomegranate— an antioxidant which reduces the effect of free radicals in the body.

Although the entire mechanism is still unknown, it somehow chokes down the oxidative stress and increases the penile blood flow for an erection.Pull your darling in your arms, and enjoy the “pomrice” feast before breaking the bed.

Adding vanilla into coffee

If you love “cup of joe” early in the morning, you should start loving early morning make-ins and quickies.

By blending vanilla with your coffee, you can enhance your morning mood, and lower your stress.

It’s interesting how vanilla sex refers to the conventional sex; however, adding vanilla fragrance into your coffee will lower the cortisol hormone in the body, and may approve unusual and unpredictable sex— the sex which might take your sex life to brilliant height.

Now, that’s contrary and sexy at the same time.So, complete the phrase— wake up, smell the coffee, and bang!

Arugula rockets sprinkled over nachos and pizzas.

Our pizzas and nachos have no relation with Arugula rockets.They get served with unhealthy toppings.But that’s not the end to the road.

You can carry Arugula (rockets) into your pocket and sprinkle it over the pie.I’d love to give claps to our ancestors who named it rocket because it tightens our missiles.

It has folic acid— the acid for enhancing the blood displacement in the genitals.It’s also a libido-amplifier which push the buttocks of our sexual desire to the Mt. Everest.Adjoin a few ingredients here and there— and write a new sexual plot every day.