1. October 12, 2019

    What Do HIV Mouth Sores Look Like

    HIV mouth sores

    Mouth sores are a possible symptom of HIV. In fact, between 32 and 46 percent of people with HIV develop mouth complications due to a weakened immune system.

    These mouth sores can involve with a person’s well-being. In the case of HIV, these sores and infections are more difficult to treatment, and can also interfere with eating and medication.

    Aphthous ulcers, or canker sores

    Canker sores are possible mouth lesions that can cause pain, specially because they don’t went  away on their own. They are usually red, but can also be covered with a gray or yellow film. Canker sores are also known as aphthous ulcers.

    They tend to create inside the cheeks, inside the lips, and around the tongue. Fliban 100mg place may make the sores feel more painful because they move when a person speaks or eats.

    Canker sores aren’t a symptom of HI

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  2. October 12, 2019

    Living With HIV

    HIV Long-Term Outlook

    The outlook for people living with HIV has significantly improving over the past two decades. More people who are HIV-positive can now live much longer, healthier lives when regularly taking antiretroviral treatment.

    Kaiser Permanente researchers found that the life expectancy for people living with HIV and receiving treatment increase significantly from 1996 on. Since that year, new antiretroviral medication have been developed and added to the existing antiretroviral therapy. This has result in a highly effective HIV treatment regimen.

    In 1996, the totally life expectancy for a 20-year-old person with HIV was 39 years. In 2011, the total life expectancy bumped up to 70 years.

    What effect does HIV have on the body?

    HIV attacks a specific type

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  3. October 12, 2019

    Diseases Which Surprisingly Cause Impotence (Part 1)

    A lot many factors like diet, habits, sleep cycle, etc. contribute to Erectile dysfunction (ED)— a disorder identified as a sexual problem which hinders the persistent erection of the penis.

    However, sometimes, other diseases accompany ED in a comorbid condition.

    A comorbid condition occurs when one disease accompanies or make way for other illness at the same time.

    In simpler terms, we can say that when one or more diseases co-occur from the primary disease (s).

    Let’s inspect some of the medical conditions which lay you bare to the threats of impotence.

    HIV Aids

    The global HIV prevalence crossed a massive 37 million mark in 2017 [1].

    HIV does two things— deter

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