We unveiled some of the most common causes which lead to lower libido in the previous part.

In the given section, we’d check out some other common reasons responsible for diluting the libido level in men.

Let’s quickly skim through the previously discussed reasons:

  1. Stress
  2. Depression
  3. Low self-esteem
  4. Alcohol and drug abuse
  5. Lack of sleep

We shall quickly hop on the train which discusses other reasons causing low sex drive.


The patients suffering from chronic issues like hypertension, high blood pressure, etc. resort to medications which control the disease.

We know that mental stress and high blood pressure already lower the sexual drive or testosterone level in the body by impairing the pituitary gland.

What’s worse is— with the introduction of the above medication, it’s not confirmed that we’d restore the testosterone level required for sexual activity.

For high blood pressure, treatments like diuretics (water pills) may cause an erection problem [1].

Sometimes, erection issue lowers the libido level significantly hampering your sexual life.

The worrisome part— apart from low libido, a person is likely to suffer from ED and ejaculation issues [2].

Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction lead to performance anxiety in men.

The consciousness would disallow the person to have smooth sex.

ED instills fear in the mind of the person. The person is compelled to think that “he might not get an erection while trying to have sex.”

A constant thought about sexual inefficiency would slowly decrease the person’s libido.

End of the day— lower libido and showing no sexual intent would prevent him from external judgments and preserve his ego.

It’s interesting how low sex drive and ED are connected with each other.

Some patients with low libido slowly develop erectile problems while some with ED steadily builds a wall against testosterone release.

Hormonal imbalance

Several conditions like testicle injury and cancer, tumor, or inflammation inhibit testicle from producing testosterone.

Testosterone is the prime mover of libido. It inculcates sexual desire in the human body.

As the testosterone level gets imbalanced by physical and psychological reasons, the overall sexual drive is also affected.

Some other hormonal imbalance like— overdose of melatonin hormone induces excessive sleep in your body leading to diluted libido.

In those with pituitary diseases such as hypothyroidism— the speed of the metabolism is slowed down, and thyroid imbalance leeways for the extermination of libido.

Similarly, when the serotonin level in the body goes down— your horniness to drill your woman goes down.

The way hormones interfere with each other’s role, it’s imperative for us to maintain the pious balance.

Sexual opportunities

If you continuously get the sexual opportunities, there are chances that your libido might dip down.

Higher sexual opportunities kill the flavor of sex.

With frequent sex, your brain gets finds an easy path which doesn’t stimulate you much.

Our brains are programmed to work in a power saving mode. Unless you feed something new, it would automatically find the easiest route where you wouldn’t feel the freshness.

The fresher your sexual experience, the higher you enjoy it.

If you get more sexual opportunities, make sure that you are trying different positions, fresh sexual concepts, role plays, etc.

Other issues like relationship problems, infidelity, lack of time also contribute to low libido.

But honestly, I don’t understand the concept of low or high libido.

What’s high for you might be low for someone else. What’s boon for you might be a curse for your partner.

There’s no specific measurement which determines the ideal amount of libido in a person.

What do you think? How frequent should you have sex to conclude that you have a good libido level? Keep posting your queries to learn more.