Yay! Summers are finally here, and you probably don’t want to miss your swimming, go-karting, and tennis classes.

We all start summers on a positive note until the beaming arrows from the sun find their ways into our skins were they shouldn’t.That’s right.

Sunburns aren’t painful, but they hit the heart because we start pondering about a lot of “what ifs.”

“What if had I applied the sunscreen with more care, what if had I not been in too hurry?” and many more.

Anyway, there’s no point in disappointing ourselves; instead, we shall make sure that we smear the sunscreen in the places we have forgotten throughout our lives.

So, let’s just spot these spots and vow to prevent them from the attack of the sun radiations.

Top of the feet.

How terrible it looks when we get home, fish out our footwear, and find the sunburn marks?It’s prolly because we don’t reach to our feet.

It takes severe bending to reach to the top of the feet unless you are a gymnast or possess a flexible body.

But I think it has more to do with forgetting the spot than to ignore it.Whatever may be the reason— our ignorance make the spot look much darker.

Generally, sunburn is not a concern if you love covering your feet space with socks and long trousers; however, you’re at the receiving end if you have been dragging your feet throughout the summer in sandals and Capri.

Now that you know you’ve been burning the major part ensure to put on the lotion.

Across the lips.

There’s some kind of instinctive action where we don’t like to apply any cream on the lips— maybe we don’t want them to hit our taste buds.

But with the given practice, we often overlook the lip skin which further causes cracked and deteriorating lip condition.The practice goes on with the sunscreen lotions too.

It’s not that we forget to apply the ray-protective creams, but we fear that the chemical might end up in our mouth.

But slide your worries because a lot of sunscreen balms cover your lips without posing any threat to your health.

SPF protection is effortless to glide on the skin— spreads seamlessly over the surface without leaving a trace of cakey feel on the lips.

The eyelid crescent.

Yes, your eyelid can face the wrath of sun UVB rays, and you’d like to manage the spot.

But again, I am skeptical whether we forget to spread the sunscreen over the eyelids, or we fear that the chemical might bleach into the eyes.

To hell with the reasons— you should look to applying sunscreen cream on the eyelids.

If you have got a shaky hand or if you feel that you can’t control the application by your bare hands— you can gently rub the cream using the cotton dip.

If you aren’t convinced with the application, you’d like to use safe and simple techniques such as wearing goggles in the sunlight.

The scalp.

We expect hair to do a lot of things for us, and when we don’t like them— we get them shaved off.Hair is physical protection to our scalp.

We bear the common but false belief that hair would do the job of the sunscreen layer; however, hair is itself on the risk of UV and other harmful radiations.

So, we may very well develop sunburn on our scalps despite the shaggy hair at the top of our heads.To answer the scalp sunburn, we have creams which when rubbed on the bounce off the sunlight.

We recommend you to rub the cream on the scalp rather than spraying the solution without impacting the skin.

You may traditionally use the hat to keep the separation between the two.

Other regions like ear which may protrude out of the hat or back of the neck area which may not have a piece of cloth to cover may get burned.

As you know the probable points which you have been missing, get started today as it’s the best way for keeping the skin healthy, and long-lasting.