I know a lot of families who rely on staple food items and don’t experiment or alter their diet for the sake of discouraging erectile dysfunction.

For example, a lot of families prefer sweet potatoes over green-leafy vegetables despite leafy vegetables bearing more benefits.

If you are one of those families who is reluctant in modifying the diet, don’t worry, your staple items may give you the required nutrition to fight off impotence.

Let’s go through some of the staple items which see you through erectile dysfunction without having to scratch off your head in adjusting your diet.

If you have these staple items in your diet-style, you are doing your indirect bit in converting your dull sex life into a brighter one.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes, as sweet as they sound have a sweet impact on your sex life.If it’s your go-to staple item on your dish, you are doing a fair bit of obligation to your body’s health.

Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium.When the human body has more fluid in the blood, it results in high blood pressure.

The amount of fluid in the body may upsurge with the negative salts which may further deteriorate the blood pressure condition.

Several studies have indicated that the risk of erectile dysfunction raises manifold because of high blood pressure.I am sure you don’t want to be on that side.

So, adding sweet potato in your refrigerator might be the right choice because as it is ladened with potassium— the positive salt, it restricts that the negative effects of the salt, thereby leading to fluid regulation.

The regulated fluid sees to it that your blood circulates in the body properly without ridges and bumps, as a result of that, your penis receives the unconditional support from the blood vessels for erection.

The good thing about sweet potatoes is that they are a power source of beta-carotene (a type of Vitamin A) which may also improve infertility.


It’s one of the favorite non-plant staple items which widely cover the population of earth.

There’s a lot of speculation about the therapeutic impact of eggs; however, treating high blood pressure is one of the most discussed subjects.

High blood pressure may accompany erectile dysfunction because the entire blood circulatory system gets jolted, and the impact is even higher on erection because it’s all about blood circulation.

Egg whites are rich-proteins which also inhibit the bad cholesterol from dilapidating the body condition and blood circulation in the body.

As studies indicate that eggs lead to smooth blood flow, anything which enhances the blood flow is right for your penis.


Again, milk is as staple as eggs across the globe.There’s a belief that organic milk and dairy products may launch a successful drive against erectile dysfunction.

Most of the milk and dairy products have growth hormone— the hormone which plays no role in your sex life (neither enhancement or detrimental effect); however, resorting to organic milk products may bring positive changes in your erection without the artificial growth hormones.

Moreover, milk is a wonderful source of Zinc.Almost 8 oz serving possesses 10% of Zinc.The element in the periodic table takes up your distressed sex life and churns spices in it.

It holds the responsibility for laying the groundwork for more testosterone level.Testosterone level is known for persistent erection as it controls the sexual urge.

A lot of anecdotes have issued a warrant that zinc-deficiency may dip the testosterone level whose cascading effect may roll up to erectile dysfunction.

Hence, if you are habituated with drinking milk, you are serving yourself twice— first with the testosterone level, and second with the comorbid erectile dysfunction.

We’d love to give our piece of advice.Not all staple food has affirming effect on erectile dysfunction.

The variety of food items like red meat may make way for it more than you can expect.

So, stay on your toes to learn how your staple food affects you and your sex life.