I don’t want to imagine any drink without lemon— such is the flavonoid power of lemon.

Emblazoned in yellow-limish color, it is one of the small fruit in the grocery store, but with the powerful nutrients by its side.

Just like it adds the final bit of taste on your tongue, it may also enhance your sex flavor.It’s hard to give credence to such a small fruit, but it can really work wonders for your sexual health.

If the fact still doesn’t sink in your neck, increase the lemon intake and notice the following points.

Its nutrients are meant for your penis.

When it comes to the erection of your penis— it’s not just about the blood flow.A lot of things occur in the background so that you can achieve a persistent one.

For example, if the fluid of your body is out of proportion, you may feel the heat of high blood pressure which may also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

But the nutrients of the lemons are meant for your penis.Lemonade has a high quantity of potassium— one of the most craved positive salts by our body.

With lemon as a rich source of potassium, your body won’t run out of “fluid imbalance.”It brings back the fluid content back to the normal shape, thereby reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction.

With the conserved heart health, blood pressure, and nervous function; you are at the minimum risk of developing such sexual disorders.

It grabs the walls of the blood vessels and expands them.

How about asking a bodybuilder to expand the cross-section of steel rods with the bare hands?

It’s what lemon is for your blood vessels.It’s the bodybuilder which grabs the walls of the blood vessels and dilates them.

How?Well, lemon is embedded with antioxidants— the property necessary for dilating the blood vessels.

The antioxidative properties of lemon compel it to get hold of the toxic free radicals in the body.

Free radicals are those frivolous school boys who love to bully the over-intelligent and ambitious nitric oxides.

The ambitions of nitric oxide are crystal clear— it wants to take care of the blood vessels including the arteries of the penis.

However, the free radicals torment nitric oxide from proper functioning, and lemon does the same by torturing the free radicals.

Overall, lemon ensures the vision of nitric oxide remains intact, and the penile arteries receive blood good enough for the erection.

The flavor of lemon makes your shaft taste brilliant.

As lemon adds the complementary taste to your meal and drink, it also ensures that your shaft tastes better to your partner during oral sex.

Since the citrus fruit contains flavonoids— the natural “taste-good” substance, one of the reviews explain that they input the “rubbery properties” in the stiff arteries. [1]

So, your sexual disorder has a lot to do with your stiff arteries in the penis.The study shows that the “taste-good” substance enhances the flexibility of the blood vessels, thereby conducting required blood for the hard erection.And you know that the working shaft always tastes better than the dead one.

It burns your fat and sexual ego at the same time.

It is observed that the body with the large fat volume has more chances of developing erectile dysfunction because the fats exert pressure on the walls of the blood vessels of the penis which consequently disallows the blood to flow properly.

And there are a lot of men who don’t want to report their impotence because their sexual egos restrict them from doing the same.

Supplementing lemon in your daily will do two things— burn your fats and sexual ego simultaneously.

They have soluble fibers which improve the digestive activities and amplify the metabolism.

And it’s not rocket science that healthy digestive system keeps the sexual disorders at arm’s length.

When you go to the store next time, make sure that you add them in your kitty because a rare breed of Genesis gives taste and medical effects in the chorus.