Has your sex drive dipped? Did your sexual desire con you? Do you fail to get aroused despite longing for sex?

There are several factors which don’t let you have joyful sex with your partner.

The best part about it is— it’s not inevitable.

You can take proper actions against these factors and reconcile your tarnished relationship with your partner.

Let’s check the common causes for low sex drive and what can be done to revitalize your sexual energy.


It’s an inevitable condition which affects every person on earth.

“Stress destroys almost half of the 550 million working days in the United States” claims “The European Agency for Safety and Health[1].”

It also results in the dipping testosterone level— the hormone responsible for producing sexual stimulation.

Chronic stress potentiates adrenaline to release cortisol— the stress hormone which interferes with testosterone hormone diminishing sexual intent [2].

Hyper-stress also affects the arteries which run through the penis causing erectile dysfunction— a disorder which prevents penile erection.


Many experts believe that depression and low libido go hand in hand.

As we know that hormones play a massive role in triggering the state of mind— it could snatch your sexual concentration.

Akin to stress, cortisol secretion in the circulatory system cause depression.

As the body gets more exposed to the stress hormone, the chances of low libido surges.

Specific studies associate low testosterone level with depression.

It is also responsible for uncontrolled hypertension— the acute condition characterized by high blood pressure and blocked arteries.

The bottleneck in the arteries of the penile region doesn’t allow blood to flow causing ED [3].

Emotional evaluation of own

Some people emotionally evaluate their worth regarding sexual attractiveness— and when they make a terrible report about themselves, they don’t feel aroused.

Sex is a joyous phenomenon— a phenomenon which demands confidence in oneself and own beauty.

A person is unlikely to have a sexual fire if he feels low on self-esteem about his own attractiveness.

Ingesting hormones like Dopamine and Oxytocin could build a happy ecosystem in your brain, and transparent mental state would bring out awesome sex.

Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol acts as a depressant.

Depressants stop the normal functioning of the central nervous system and slow down the speed of the messages relay to and from the brain.

Hence, it has gained a bad reputation in affecting and impairing the psychological and physical activities.

As it impacts the psychological frame of mind, it doesn’t let your body concentrate on sex or sexual stimulation.

As your body fails or gets slower in responding to the sexual arousal, the testosterone level goes down [4].

As a result, sexual drive plunges and possibly make way for erectile dysfunction.

Other depressant drugs like overuse of sedatives, anesthetics, and tranquilizers have identical repercussions.

Lack of sleep

You can’t concentrate on any activity if you don’t get a sound sleep.

Some studies have indicated that people with low melatonin level, i.e., sleep hormones, are susceptible to low sex drive and fallen level of testosterone.

Low melatonin secretion cause insomnia— a sleep disturbance.

The disturbance in sleep cycle sucks up all your energy and prevents you from having a high-energized sexual indulgence.

You can channelize your sleep cycle in the right direction by adding melatonin supplement in your diet; however, excessive melatonin in your bloodstream is also responsible for terrible sex drive [5].

All the given causes are remediable— the only way to overcome is to start somewhere.

Physical exercises and meditation are one of the pillars to get over these factors.

Exercises and meditation balance your psychological and physical condition enhancing the libido.

So, can you relate any of the cause for your fallen sex drive? Let’s know what you do to get back to sexual activity.