The question is legitimate that “does sex after a heart attack causes another attack” considering a massive population exposed to heart issues.

But let me dispel your doubt— it’s a popular myth that sex may lead to heart attack, but no— there’s no certificate which proves it as the apparent fact.

However, if you have undergone heart surgery, you’d have to adopt specific precautionary measures so as to minimize the stress on your heart.Let’s quickly roll on these measures before we dip our wick.

Sex can wait because it has to wait.

It’s torture to wait for sex despite having the right mood, partner, and the environment.

But you have no choice other than to delay the sexual session when you have gulped down the food.You have to postpone your sexual session by at least one to three hours of your meal.

When you have finished off the meal, you want your heart to concentrate on digesting the food instead of a sexual session.

As soon as the food reaches your stomach, the heart starts sending the requisite energy and blood to the stomach for early digestion.

Since your heart is already engaged, it’s better to avoid the additional burden by not resorting to sex— as sex is a type of cardiovascular activity.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to avoid sex after the meal because you may not feel entirely energetic.So, sex can wait because it has to wait.

Hit and trial before hitting up your partner.

Well, no doctor recommends sex immediately after the attack.You should strictly avoid sex for at least a week before resuming the action.

But before you recommence any sexual engagement, you’d like to give hit and trial a good go.

Make sure that you begin with simple yet effective cardiovascular actions like brisk walking, or stair walk.

If that’s not a problem for you, i.e., you are free of chest pain, fatigue, and breathing fine— you are good to pick up your sex life where you left off.

Please see to it that the testing period involves mild cardio-exercises and nothing beyond your limits.

Heart bypass doesn’t appreciate shortcuts.

If you have undergone the bypass surgery, the chest pain may take time to heal— may be around 6 to 8 weeks.

It’s ironic that heart bypass hates shortcuts.You can’t take shortcuts and have sex before giving yourself adequate time to heal.

The coronary heart bypass demands patience of you because sex during the healing period may put a lot of stress on the heart which is learning to function post-operation.

So, if you really want to take delight in sexual indulgence; keep the patience, let the time heal your heart, and bang.

Just to help you out, if you can’t wait to have sex— you may practice oral sex or perform masturbation to balance the sexual urge and pain.

You may not be as kinky as you were.

The worst outcome of a heart attack— it may snatch your kinkiness and sexual animality.You may not be a “sex beast” anymore for your partner.

A lot of men have complained that heart attack and consistent efforts to keep precautions blow away their sexual interest— as if they are fed up of calculating the risks.

In the worst case, a fair amount of patients find it really hard getting an erection (erectile dysfunction) and the loss of libido (sex drive).

Some also develop performance anxiety when they fear underperformance due to failing to catch the breath or unmatched sexual intensity like before.

Finding the way

As you may face difficulty in having sex, you’d want to find the way.

Here’s how you start.

  1. Stay honest with your partner, and spill out the beans— about how do you feel, and what are your concerns.
  2. If you haven’t recovered, there’s no shame in saying “no” because your life rates higher than the sexual pleasure.
  3. Take help of experts who understand sex and heart at the same time.