It’s ironic how dirty sex demands sexual hygiene.

Your sexual hygiene plays a significant role in deciding how good and safe is your sex.

Roll your eyes through some of the hygiene bullets which might help you to enjoy great sex.

Wash and dry your penis carefully.

The skin on genital and its region are as same as the skin on our body.

They call for cleanliness.

It’s good to wash and let off the dirt from the skin of the penis and region around it.

Wash followed by a dry rub at least once a day would lessen the chances of the itchy penis.

Moreover, cleaning it before sexual intercourse would lead to healthy sex.

It’s not a perfect way to prevent the sexually transmitted infections; however, it contributes a tiny percentage in cutting down the transmission.

It’s advisable to scrub off any residue settled on the foreskin of the penis.

The penis in a good physical condition could prevent you from itchy embarrassment in front of your partner.

Keep checking your penis.

It may sound awful, but it’s good to keep checking your penis and testicles every day at least while micturating.

The idea is to evaluate the state of the penis.

You should check if it has an infection, or is it bloated, or look for the redness or the swollen part.

Staying updated about the state of the genital gives you an edge to confer with the doctor quickly.

Abnormality in genital may be a result of STDs or Genital Elephantiasis, and the faster you get medical assistance, the better you experience refreshing sex with your partner.

Talk to your partner.

As strange and bizarre it may sound, talking to your partner is one of the primary sexual hygienes.

Talking about sexually transmitted diseases, the repercussions of unprotected sex and sexual reports could highlight a lot of important details for the couple.

It also converges couples to a common junction where they prepare their minds about the further sexual indulgence and surfaces the exclusivity of their relationship.

Don’t underrate the pubic hair.

In the beauty-conscious world, both men and women wipe off their pubic hair.

Pubic Hair is not a vestigial organ like appendix which doesn't have any role in the body.

It prevents the genital region from abrasion and friction.

It’s like a natural cushion which protects the penis and vagina from bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

Some theories also suggest that pubic hair possesses pheromones. They release these pheromones for attracting the partners.

Some people link sensuality with the pubic hair.

As it has hair follicles at the bottom, when you give a light touch, it generates beautiful sensation— a sensation which can’t be felt by the shaved men and women.

Shaving would make you miss a broader range of stimulation down to your shaft.

As you feel a unique sensation, you are destined to have fabulous intercourse.

Don’t suffocate your testes.

Sometimes, your postures and tight clothes clog your testicles.

Ensure that your sitting posture doesn’t exert pressure on your testes.

The pressure on testes leads to the ultimate pressure on the pudendal artery.

It exposes you to the threats of nerve injury which produces persistent or temporary erectile dysfunction.

Yes, you need a supporter while playing a sport, but you should make certain that you let your genital breath fresh air.

When you don’t suffocate your testicles, your hormonal system stays checked, and you conduct a healthy and joyous sex ride.

So, let’s us know about your sexual hygiene. Which hygiene works the best for you?

For the people who haven’t implemented these bullets yet, we’d recommend you to try them to rejuvenate their sex life.