Ways Meditation Helps You To Have Next Level Sex

Before gyms and aerobics got cooler, our ancestors enjoyed another form of fitness mantra. It appeared in the form of meditation.

They have proved time and again that meditation can channelize energy for us so that we can perform any activity productively.

But do we have enough evidence for supporting the claim that “meditation enhance the sexual performance?”

As the art of meditation was linked to monks and religious people for a long time— the people who abstained from sex— there was a limited knowledge regarding the relationship between the two.

However, with meditation getting popular across the globe, we have more respondents to recite their own stories and personal advancement in sexual performance.

With their data around, let’s look at some of the best ways meditation takes sexual efficiency to the next level.

Goodbye to “shall we do it tomorrow syndrome.”

How often do we have to listen— “Honey, shall we do it tomorrow,” and get infuriated with our piling desire to have satisfactory sex. Yes, we pull blame on our tiredness and physical exhaustion sometimes, but when it starts getting usual, it is when the relationship begins to suffer. Developing such a habit sends you to the shell from which you’d never like to come out— as it’s your comfort zone. When you start feeling sex as drag due to physical exhaustion, you have to get over it. When your sleep-deprivement pushes you away from having sex, you need to give rest to your body. Meditation gives you the exact kind of rest your body demands. Medication is known to remove body toxicity and induce a different type of energy altogether. It’s the energy which you might need to play with your spouse on the bed.

No more blame on stress.

Stress also plays a significant role in defining sex life. With couples suffering from anxiety, they get legit reasons to put the entire blame for their poor sexual desire on it. With it at a high level, the human body releases cortisol hormone— the hormone which dampens the mood. You must be aware of the rituals which the world over the centuries follows before the first night, i.e., dinner party, get together, soft music, etc. The reason is simple— these activities contribute significantly to reducing stress. Some other studies suggest that stress also constrict the blood vessels and as arteries in the penile region are very small, they are highly susceptible to blockage, leading to erectile dysfunction. But resorting to meditation reduces the cortisol level and sprinkle the effect of dopamine and serotonin— the hormones which inculcate bliss and happy states of mind. And with such state, your sexual efficiency is going to stay.

Balance the right and the left hemisphere of your head.

Humans have developed a bad habit of using their left brains more than the right. The left side of the brain evaluates the past and tries to make the roadmap of the future. In the ping-pong between the past and the future, we rob off the enjoyment of the present. Our right brain controls our thoughts about the present. But unfortunately, we let our left brain to dominate the right; as a result, we get distracted while performing sex. With meditation done correctly, we gain control over our thoughts process and balance the right and the left brain. The balance brings the concentration, and we can focus on bed breaking orgasm. It’s true that nobody likes a distracted partner, and meditation ensures that the couples fornicate with outright attention towards each other.

Meditation is the process of getting control over your mind and body. It’s not an overnight journey. You will have to keep patience to see its budding effect on you and your partner’s performance.