Multifactorial reasons such as food, environmental pollution, and chemical intake are conducive to Erectile Dysfunction— a humiliating problem faced by half the population of men on earth.

One of the effective methods for getting over such sexual issues is to be friends with a healthy diet.

A little customization in the diet plan and lifestyle could give the needed libido and sex drive.

Let’s look into some of the ideas which change the behavior of the dying penis.

Say hello to meat but from a fair distance.

Everything in the body is linked with heart and its good pumping.

The constant rate of heart pump (uniform pulse rate) implies that nerves and arteries are encapsulating adequate blood and the flow is pretty normal.

It’s the prime reason why doctors recommend to measure the heart rates in the regular interval— as it elicits detail about fitness.

But, a lot of men fail to acknowledge that disturbance in cardiovascular pumping also leads to ED.

There’s a definite association between red meat, cardiovascular problems, and ED.

Red meats are rich in saturated fats. Saturated fats develop a decent level of cholesterol in the body— kind enough to cause heart diseases and the probability of ED [1].

Alternative: Add protein-rich plants like Bean, Lentils, Canned Beans, Chickpeas, etc. Resorting to cooked chickens, fish, and eggs can also fulfill the protein need. If you can’t give up on red meat, consume moderate quantity.

Keep fried food beyond the arm length.

The fried food items like French Fries, Doughnuts, Pakodas, etc. are made in oil.

When the oils are heated at high temperature, they are likely to form trans fat.

Trans fat has gained the notoriety in killing the good cholesterol level (HDL) and increasing the bad cholesterol level (LDL).

As the bad cholesterol levels up, it gets stuck to the walls of the blood vessels altering the pulse rate [2].

The process of cholesterol building up around the walls of the blood vessels lead to atherosclerosis— a heart disease which increases the blood pressure and probable impotence.

Alternative: It’s better to switch to the baked items like Baked Mozzarella Sticks, Baked Onion Ring, Baked Falafel, etc.

Draw lines between alcohol and you

Alcohol has a depressive effect.

The depressant effect of alcohol inhibits the sexual mood and lowers down the testosterone level.

The fallen testosterone level snatches your sexual desire, and you fail to deliver sexual performance on bed.

Moreover, alcohol is also known to increase hypertension in the body.

Drinkers often develop a habit of heavy intake which dwindles the cross-section area of the blood vessels.

It, in turn, lowers the rate of the blood flow— making it extremely difficult for the blood to reach the penis for erection.

The cycle of alcohol intake and sexual disorders is challenging to break.

A person’s inability to get an erection may shove psychological stresses which might compel him to drink more.

Unconstrained drinking would further the sexual issues, and the vicious chain would go on and on [3].

Alternatives: Shift to fancy beverages like Fancy soda or decaf coffee (without caffeine).

Follow the greek god— eat a Mediterranean diet

Considering huge chemical content in daily foodstuffs like canned items and their effect on our sexual performances, it’s the need of the hour for determining what’s perfect for us.

Many types of research have approved that the Mediterranean diet is a heart-friendly diet— as it doesn’t appease low-density lipoprotein (LDL)— the cholesterol which piles up in the arteries.

Instead, it includes a diet rich in nitrates, antioxidants, and citrus fruits— the necessary elements for challenging sexual ailments [4].

I have given you the reason for cutting down the items mentioned above from your daily diet. But cutting them won’t help unless you add a supplementary food. So, did you add Mediterranean diet to your schedule?