Your infertility has a lot to do with your bad habits rather than pulling the blame on any disease.

You fix your habits; your testicles will fix your sperm count.

Let’s check the habits which kill your infertility.

You have got a disturbed sleep cycle.

The human body is a smart machine.

When you explicitly alter some changes into it, it tries to build the rhythmic pattern.

Your irregular sleep cycle doesn’t permit the body to adapt to the changes.

It’s healthy to sleep at least 8 hours in the night— the time when most testosterone gets produced.

Sleep deprivation is known to affect the sperm count in the body.

What’s more disturbing is that excessive sleep could also kill the quality of your sperm.

In the test, 981 Chinese men were classified into three groups— the group which slept between 8 to 10 pm, the group which slept between 10 to 12 pm, and the group after midnight.

The study found that men with lesser sleep had antisperm antibody (ASA) content in their semen.

The sleep-deprived men also had low sperm motility— another important reason which plummets down the fertility [1].

Although there’s no direct link between infertility and erectile dysfunction, infertility may contribute to stress which might bring ED as a corollary disease.

A lot of ill-informed men associate infertility with erectile dysfunction directly. But that’s not always true.

You must be producing fancy amount of semen in your testes sac but you are failing to erect your rifle, or you must be shooting blank while having an erected shaft.

You are smoking a lot of tobacco.

Smoking poses plenty of dangers likely to cause deadly diseases like Cancer, heart strokes, etc.

In the 2016 study conducted by European Urology, it got revealed that smoking may also make way for infertility in men.

The test got conducted on more than 5,000 European men, and it was found that smoke inhalation destroyed the sperm count, affected the motility (ability to swim to the egg), the shape of the sperm, and damaged DNA of sperm [2].

The study also disclosed how smoke affected sperm led to the failure of IVF and resulted in more miscarriages.

The reason is plain and straightforward— you smoke, you degrade the quality of sperm, she bears your poor sperm quality, and she becomes infertile.

The passive or second-hand smokers face almost the same fate to what hard smokers face.

You procrastinate and don’t consult the doctor.

Everything has the right age.

If you are trying to become a father at 45, you are putting a lot of senseless efforts to become one.

Maybe you have already lost your fertility, and you are shooting the blank shots.

After 40, there’s a steady dive in men’s testosterone level.

With each passing year, there may be a decrease of 1 to 3 % of testosterone volume which ultimately reduces the sex drive.

The LH commands testes to produce testosterone which produces sperm cells.

Less testosterone reduces the overall sperm count causing infertility.

If you have been trying to conceive and aren’t able to— you need immediate medical attention.

You are at the age where you can’t afford to overlook your doctor’s advice.

If you are too lazy to get an appointment and fertility checked— you are letting the important time tickle.

By putting off any action, you are doing no good for your condition, and the only way out is to confer with the doctor.

We don’t claim to possess the perfect habits; we don’t boast about our healthy practices.

We just advice you to minimize practicing the habits which are most probably going to hurt your fertility.