Does your availability or unavailability make no difference to your partner? Has your penis caught rust?

You need nothing but a good cure for treating erectile dysfunction.

But before you dive into taking treatment for impotence, try finding out the organic factors which may cause it.

Multifactorial reasons contribute to erectile dysfunction, and each reason deserves proper addressal.

So, let’s cure or enhance the erection time by determining and addressing method.

Environmental factors

The recent study has drawn an association between environmental toxins and impotence.

Environmental toxins like pesticides, arsenic, lead, and other organic solvents may disturb penile function.

Pesticides have earned the notoriety in disrupting hormonal courses by affecting the hormonal and nervous system.

Dealing with it: We can’t altogether avoid environmental factors because our primary source of life, i.e., food— is chemically grown using pesticides and fertilizers.

Washing the raw food before consumption can reduce the level of chemicals and erectile dysfunction.

Psychological factors

One out of every ten patients with erectile dysfunction has psychological disorders.

Stress and depression are the most common psychological causes which hamper the erection.

The sexual act is a balance between psychology and hormonal stability.

When the level of stress exceeds, the level of testosterone dips and erectile dysfunction hits your body.

Dealing with it: The reduced level of testosterone requests a call for its elevation.

You can’t elevate testosterone unless you upgrade your mood.

In haste, you may choose antidepressant pills, but that may backfire crudely because an antidepressant drug may reduce your sex drive to even lower stands.

Resorting to natural diet like fish, leafy vegetables, beans, whole grain, etc. cater folic acid, vitamin B-12, tyrosine, and vitamin D to our bodies— the constituents necessary for muting down the effect of depression.

Meditation and patience-building also help in conditioning the psychology of the mind.

Underlying medical conditions

Our body is prone to chronic diseases.

Apart from their adversaries, they pose a significant threat to the erection.

The neurological diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson and endocrine diseases like Diabetes damage the nerves and arteries in the genital area

The damage means there’s no bridge for relaying the message between the brain and penis.

Certain cardiac related conditions like hypertension and high cholesterol clog the blood vessel and don’t allowblood to guide to the penis.

Dealing with it: Depending on what the underlying medical condition is, you can consult the doctor and walk on the recommended path.

Physiological factors

Physiological factors are related to your physical body.

The circuit of physiological factor completes when the things linked to the physical body affect the way your brain thinks.

For example, if you fear that penetration would give pain to your penis or regular sex would invite more physical efforts from your body, the neurotransmitters which transfer the stimulation messages between the brain and the genital start working differently or don’t work at all.

The physiological factor induces fear or shame and marshals your penis to a deep slumber.

Dealing with it: Physiological pressure leads to the accouchement of psychological factors.

Anything you do in your life is related to physiology— whether your diet cycle, sleep cycle, sex cycle, etc.

Adding exercise and a healthy diet improves your physiological condition whereas cognitive techniques like throwing challenges to your brain boost up the mental stability.

If you have gauged the threat of all the factors and are unable to overpower their might, you might like to add fantastic medication like Tadalafil, Sildenafil, and Avanafil to your life.

They provide medical assistance in vanquishing erectile dysfunction and negating the effect of any of the mentioned factors.