Skincare is a difficult task.

One can overdo it while some belief in underplaying their skincare routine.

There is no set rule regarding skin care, but there is something which one can immediately identify if the skin care is working for you or not.

Products launched in the market are all, in some sense, separate from one another.

There can be a difference of ingredients while for some the whole purpose of the products benefit can be different.

For instance, regular shampoo and protein shampoo have a whole different purpose.

While ordinary shampoos are supposed to cleanse your hair and provide some sort of nourishment, the emphasis is put on how clean your hair will be.

For protein shampoos, the primary utility is to strengthen and to provide structure to your hair.

Now, what if the whole reason why you are using the skin care product is not affecting you in any manner?

 Here are some of the reasons why skin care products fail to work on people.

Soaps and cleaners:

The whole reason to buy a wash or soap is to rinse away any product/dirt which might be left over on your skin.

Now, the sole purpose of obtaining a body wash or a soap is to eliminate any residual dirt or impurities which might cause skin irritation.

 If that is the reason to use soap, then how will any ingredient that has been added to the soap be remaining on your skin?

 This is the reason why for healthy skin it is always advisable to use mild cleansers and mild washes, which will not affect your skin and yet remove impurities as it is supposed to.

Healthy hair:

Hair grows out of hair shafts which are the product of dead protein called keratin.

Now what's dead cannot be brought back to life.

Otherwise, the whole idea of hair grown out of dead shafts will get reversed.

Thus, when you are trying to strengthen your hair, you have to go against the very concept of nature and nourish what is dead to produce stronger hair than what you have had before, and that is typically impossible to do.

 You can condition and nourish the hair shaft and make the hair which is not produced out of dead protein with oil, but you cannot alter the dead hair shaft and make it alive.

Hair fall products:

Hair fall cannot be cured by blindly applying oils or lotions.

There can be several factors involved as to why a person is losing their hair.

This can vary from medical conditions to a bad growth of hair and even the environment. Even poor water can cause hair to fall.

Thus, blindly relying on a product to reduce hair fall will not cure the root cause.

Hair fall must be treated by a dermatologist who might be able to cure the primary reason triggering hair fall; thus, providing a resolution that will be long term.

Fairness products:

Being dusky or being fair does not depend on a product, but instead on the melanin of your body.

Now, you cannot wholly change the pigment of your skin, but what you can do is make sure that you do not get sunburnt or worsen the colour of your skin due to exposure to the sun.

Fairness creams might require steroids which can ruin one's skin entirely for a prolonged period and the effect can be irreversible.

For all the aforementioned conditions, there is nothing better than a doctor.

These issues might seem trivial and might not affect you on your regular routine, but it can end up being to be something really severe. This is the reason why getting your conditions checked by a dermatologist is always better than self-prescribing or relying on the products advertised on television. You might find an instant cure for some of the problems, but these might not help you in the long run.