Do one thing.Open the Google search bar— think of any disease— find the impact of smoking on it— search it.

The idea of doing it is to prove to you that smoking is way too hazardous for your body than you can think.

And it’s true because you will surely find the link between smoking and “n” number of diseases not just on usual blogs but also the official medical journals.

It stays pretty much the same with your skin as smoking can affect the quality of your skin for it is lethal.And here’s the proof.

It revives “the curious case of Benjamin Button” in you.

Didn’t get?Smoking makes you look older than your age— akin to Benjamin Button— the character in the movie “The curious case of Benjamin Button” who is old when he was infant, and who is an infant when he old. Uh! That’s confusing.

Anyway, your skin needs ventilation in the form of pores for the smooth circulation of oxygen.But with smoking, your skin pores suck too much smoke particles which it shouldn’t.

With premature aging, the corners of your eyes will have crow feet much earlier than the non-smoking circle would get.

To add to crises, smoking ensures that the collagen fiber of your skin which makes skin look tight starts sagging, thereby glorifying the growth of wrinkles.

The drooping skin— here, there, and everywhere.

Your skin needs strength and elasticity to look wrinkle-free.When you stretch the rubber over and over again only to make it lose its shape, you can’t gain its form back.

Similarly, when you draw in the cigarette, again and again, you’ll get the smoker’s line on your skin layer.Sucking the smoke moves your skin and the essential fibers— collagen and elastin— to and fro.

It induces abnormalities in collagens and elastin which maintain the elasticity and strength of the skin.

As these fibers lose their operational values, the skin of the breast, upper arm lose their charm.

Cancer and smoking go hand in hand.

Have you ever observed that cancer-specialists extract your smoking habits because they somehow want to link it to cancer?And why not if smoking causes cancer— in this case, it causes skin cancer.

One of the 2013 studies from the American Medical Association displayed the connection between skin cancer and smoking. [1]

It stated that if you are a chain smoker, the probability of developing skin cancer will jump shoot by 52% in comparison to if you didn’t practice it at all.

The reason why smoking leads to squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)— the second most common skin cancer type— is because the toxic inhaled from it abnormals the immune system which fails to defend the body from cancer cell multiplication.

Stretch your stretch marks with smoking.

It’s tough to absorb that smoking may make your stretch mark look visible like never before.

As toxic inhalation develops plaque in the blood vessels, the constricted nerves carry less blood than what are they designed for.

With slow blood inrush in the arteries and vessels, the body loses its ability to repair itself.With "weak wound healing" potencies, any wound or scar takes time to obliterate.

In most of the cases, it takes longer duration for a smoker to get rid of their stretch marks, wound marks, and scars because they have robbed the ability of their body to heal on its own (by smoking), thereby prolonging their duration.

You will have to live with an ugly face.

By ugly, I mean acne because they do make your face look ugly.When you draw in a lot of smoke toxic into your body, they jam the pores of your skin.

As mentioned, pores are the ultimate circulatory ventilators which are responsible for the movement of oxygen in and out.

With clogged pores, your skin loses essential nutrient, and the spot becomes a tasty meal for infection which piles up on it.

Not just that, the clogged pores are the favorite destination for the dead cells as well.In a battle to pile up first, they make a plateau which looks like acne.