Ayurveda— our heritage which has proved to be useful for various diseases where chemical drugs have failed.

It’s the need of an hour to make the masses understand the beauty and benefits of Ayurveda with least side effects.

More clinical trials should be conducted on the rich ayurvedic medicines to take our nation’s heritage to a new height.

Modern-day physicians need to understand the importance of such remedies and include them in medications to treat fatal and dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, cancer, etc.

All among these diseases are so menacing that no such remedy has been found to treat and eliminate it completely.

Several pieces of research are going on to fight the effects of such problems, but till date, we have not been able to design any effective vaccination for the same.


Hepatitis C— One of the most common forms of liver infection caused by the Hepatitis C virus. It has aroused as a major concern these days. One of the most common infectious agents is hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Signs and symptoms of hepatitis

Hepatitis can show its acute symptoms such as fever, joint pain, jaundice, nausea, fatigue, poor appetite, etc. ending with chronic symptoms such as fluid buildup in the belly, hepatic encephalopathy leading to confusions, drowsiness, itchy skin, swollen legs and severe weight loss.

Causes of infection

There can be several different causes of the disease such as follows:

  1. Contaminated needles and syringes used during blood transfusions.
  2. To have coitus with multiple partners who may unknowingly lead to the transfer of disease from an infected partner to the healthy one.
  3. Having tattoos and piercing in the body which can lead to more chances of disease transmission.
  4. Sharing of personal items such as shaving kits, toothbrushes, etc. which can also be the cause of infection.


A simple blood test could do the detection of infection once the symptoms prevail in an individual after the incubation period.

Considering the ill effects of the disease, it’s essential to find a proper remedy for the same. Ayurveda has shown to be effective since ages to protect an individual from such evil.

Ayurveda has always emphasized on the treatment of an individual by combining three things that is nutrition, the herb or the ayurvedic preparation along with exercise to cope with such disastrous challenges.

Few of the commonly used remedies in the treatment of the disease could be as follows:

  • Eclipta alba, traditionally known as bhringraj, which has been used for years to treat all the severe problems associated with liver and gallbladder. The presence of several phytochemicals has proved to kill the hepatitis virus actively.
  • Emblica Officinalis also called as Indian gooseberry or amla which is used as one of the most common dietary plants in India. The hepatoprotective action of amla against oxidative stress and xenobiotic detoxification proves to be an effective remedy in the treatment of hepatitis.
  • Picrorhiza kurroa commonly called kutki can also be used for the treatment of the disease as studies have shown its role in reducing the toxicity.
  • Tephrosia purpurea is also a famous Indian traditional herb which has been used as a potent anti-carcinogenic agent. It is also being used to treat the infection caused due to the virus. Researches have shown its benefits in treating cancer too.
  • Swertia chirayita is used as a traditional medicine to treat several hepatic disorders for reducing the levels of inflammation in one’s body.
  • Momordica charantia also called bitter gourd has shown the affirming effect in treating the infection.

Therefore, these herbs can be added in our daily lives to treat the situation and make us capable enough to fight with such case. Hoping how many of us follow the same in our daily life.