Has depression devastated your romantic life? Do you go to bed with a stressed state of mind rather than the lovey-dovey feel?

Depression has important association in ruining sexual life and relationships.

During the depressive state, the body tends to release cortisol— the hormone responsible for setting off your mood.

In the mentioned piece, we’d check some bedroom habits which will usher away the depression and sprinkle romance between your partner and you.

Don’t overrate depression while having sex

Amidst sex, the problem is we “overthink” about depression and less about sex.

Whatever may be the reason for your depression— be it performance anxiety, failing to weave healthy bedtime stories, failure to cope up with tales related to extraordinary sex life, etc. stop overrating your depression.

Most of the relationships face depression at one point in time. Not all relationship produce great orgasm every time.

It’s absolutely alright to have unsatisfied sex at times— as not all days are Sundays.

We have been exaggerating the link between depression and sex.

Just remember one thing— depression is curable, and so is your sex life.

Keep away from technology.

Why did our ancestors have fantastic sex lives?

Well, you know it— they didn’t have TVs and phones during their era.

The lack of technology in their bedrooms helped them to lead a simple lifestyle— full of sexual fun and marvelous orgasm.

Studies have indicated that technical devices including cell phones, laptops, etc. have an impact on mental health.

When you enter the room armored with phones and laptops, you aren’t giving your brain enough space to think about sex.

As your mental stress steeps up, you are more likely to avoid sex and indulge in the virtual world of the phones.

The saddest part of using phones in the bedroom is— we utilize spare time in connecting to the people at a distance, but distance ourselves from our partners— the reality just a few inches away.

Uprooting the depressive symptoms

Depression has the power to take away your sex life, and you have the ability to uproot it— the only way to do it is to start from somewhere.

You need to find the starting point of depression— and the best way is to talk out with your other half.

The more you talk about depression, the farther you push it from yourself.

Your relationship is getting affected by your silence and if something is bothering you— spill the beans and mute down the effect of it.

If your partner is the leading cause of depression, try non-pharmaceutical methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy with the experts.

The experts would bring out your negative thoughts while helping you to maintain positive behavior.

Becoming positive at this front might give you a break from mental engagement and spice up your sexual life.

Trust fingers— of yours and your partner

We know that to overcome depression— it’s easier said than done.

But in such cases, we need to find motivation from everything around us— like literally— from the drops refraining to slide down from the window panes to the dead clock which shows right time twice in a day.

Take inspiration from the fingers— the natural libido enhancers.

Get a sensual massage or body rub from your partner. The best part about fingers are— we don’t need someone to entice our sexual desires every time. We can explore our body by tracing the stimulating regions of our bodies.

Depression and sexual disorders are interrelated.

Your sexual disorder might push you towards depression, and your depression might affect your sexual life.

You first need to find what’s more dominant. Addressing the dominating situation would automatically improve your comorbid condition.