Do you feel embarrassed to be a part of social functions because you fear exposure of your shining scalp? Does your wife have to skip dates and parties because you are too reluctant to go out with her?

All is good— your lack of interest in socializing is acceptable; however, how good is it to impact your daily life due to mere hair fall?

When more than 80% of women and 65% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 60, what makes you think that people will notice the head sloughing off your hair?

And even if they notice, why don’t you follow homeopathic remedies to prevent it.

Yes, there are homeopathic substances which cut down the rate of hair loss and bring a curve on your visage.

Let’s check them out.


Made up of two of the essential elements of earth— oxygen, and silicon; Silicea forms the majority of the globe’s crust.

It has been one of the most discussed substances in the homeopathic medication due to its therapeutic properties like the cleansing agent.

Being a cleansing agent, it assists the body in getting rid of dead matters.

Sometimes, delicate or dead skin at the scalp brittles the hair stand, make way for hair break and magnifies hair loss.

In general, Hair and nail contain some percentage of Silicea which ensures that they stay rooted in the skin.

Hence, Silicea supplementation could give hair follicles the necessary potion by eliminating the dry scalp and replenishing the hair density.

Silicea Source: Beets, leafy vegetables, bell peppers, brown rice, soybeans, etc.

Kalium Carbonicum

Kalium Carbonicum— scientifically known as Potassium Carbonate exists in all the plants.

The name sounds like an extensive chemical compound used in experiments; however, it has far-stretched medical potency which affects the overall health.

It’s a proven fact that potassium deficiency leads to the medical condition called hypokalemia.

It’s when you develop more sodium around the hair follicle than the potassium.

With high sodium content, our follicles fail to absorb healthy nutrients.

In other cases, painful tumors in scalp like blood boils bring dryness and brittleness in hair.

Kalium Carbonicum delivers enough potassium to the body which adds the necessary fertilizers to the hair scalp and renders better hair growth. [1]

Kalium Carbonicum Source: White Powdered Salt.


Lycopodium— famous as Austrian medicinal herb has plenty of affirming effect on the body; however, they still need substantial research to mark their point.

As of now, it has gained a special status as a pivotal remedy for skin, liver, kidneys, etc. in some parts of Poland and Austria to name a few.

Recently, it has attained a prestigious position in reducing the hair loss.

Usually, the crusty scalp eruption leads to early hair fall.

In addition to that, several conditions like abdominal viscera, Alopecia, etc. result in premature hair greyness, premature baldness, hair fall on the vertex and the temples, and patches of hair loss in the body.

If left unaddressed, the condition worsens, and it becomes challenging to reverse the hair loss reaction in the body.

Off lately, Lycopodium is prescribed as one of the best therapeutic tools in the homeopathic industry.

Rubbing Lycopodium oil on the sides of the head and above smoothens the region.

As scalp seeps more nutrients, it furnishes dense hair growth.

Lycopodium Source: As it is a plant, the Lycopodium extract is squeezed out from the same.

Although these compounds may have a budding effect in the future to come, there’s no devised way to measure their rate of effectivity.

For immediate hair fall attention, you may also tune your trust in standard medication like Bimatoprost and Careprost.