There are a lot of things like food cans, cosmetic bottles, etc.  in our rooms which lead us to a bad sex life including erectile disorder, the dipping sex drive, and difficulty in ejaculation.

However, adding a few things in your room might append flair to your sexual misery.

You need these items in your as early as possible to answer your erectile dysfunction and fallen sex drive.

Sex Toys

Sex toys like Vibrators are as good a stimulant for men as they are for women.

There’s a fixed notion that vibrators do worlds of good to women only, but there are vibrating sex toys duly developed for men.

Some of the vibrator users recite their stories calling male vibrator— an essential tool in helping them fight their ED.

These vibrators give unique sexual sensation which manual masturbation fail to provide.

Some of the acceptable male vibrators include bullet vibrators give ultra-powerful pleasure.

Guybrator— another sex toy which has gained talks among men as it is known to bring ultimate sensation during solo play.

The toy is designed in such a way that its wings covers and grips the penis firmly and the oscillating plates rub against the walls of frenulum for generating scintillating experience.

There are also the vibrators for the couples in the market. You can add this to your room for improving your relationship with your partner despite suffering from ED.

The couple vibrator uses the oscillating technique for stimulating the turgid or flaccid penis, and the same toy uses advanced method for stimulating the clitoris.

The couple vibrator does two jobs— create a sexual environment for couples who don’t enjoy penetrative sex, and add an x-factor to maintain sex life.

Penis Pump

The people who have tried medication, exercises, and focused diet, but see no positive impact on the adversity of ED— they should immediately resort to Penis Pumps.

Penis Pumps— a vacuum erection device.

The device operates on simple scientific principle, i.e., by creating negative pressure in the penile region which expands and draws blood in the penis for erection.

Medically approved Vacuum Penis Pumps are mainly used by the patients suffering from ED or who can’t get surgical or medical assistance due to safety reasons.

Penis Pumps are safe to use; however, you should read information leaflet before using it in daily life.

There’s a certain limit to the pump pressure, and if anything exceeds beyond the stated mark— you may permanently damage your penis.

Some of the pumps strictly warn users not to use them beyond 30 minutes.

Scents for Olfactory Stimuli

Low sex drive is one of the primary reasons for causing Erectile Dysfunction.

There are plenty of factors which contribute to low sex drive with the most important one being stress.

As stress releases Cortisol hormone, the testosterone secretion gets interfered, and you get cursed with low libido.

Keeping a scented environment in the room might enhance your sex drive, eventually improving the ED condition.

Some of the studies suggest that odors such as Lavender and Pumpkin Pie modestly increased the penile blood flow [1].

Although we don’t have the ultimate proof that they directly trigger the blood flow or hormonal changes, they reduce the stress which betters the testosterone level in a cascading effect.

We can’t draw a definite association between the olfactory stimuli and ED; however, we know that the sensual fragrance might incite the partner for exploring the body in a new arousing method.

If your body has no scope for medication or surgery, you should add these items in your room for checking their worth in treating your ED.

They are not the only way; however, they are one of th