My inner friend circle usually discusses on how early ejaculation abandons their spouses unsatisfied; how they feel disappointed on hearing the ungratified screeching scream of their wives; how their partners fume in anger when each one of them loses sexual charm immediately after quick ejaculation leaving their wives midst of unattained sexual orgasm.

Studies have shown that men suffering premature ejaculation— an act of early semen emission with minimal stimulation— produce an orgasmic blow in less than 2 minutes which is thirteen minutes earlier to women.

Now, that’s devastating considering women take time to reach the climax of the sexual session.

So, who has the problem? My friends or their wives?

Well, I’d point the problems at my friends because what good sex is when it can’t even last longer than 2 minutes?

A lot of people say that premature ejaculation is a sign of a healthy sex drive, but I have a contrary opinion.

That’s because people suffering from PE don’t have control over ejaculation. Had they got the charge of their penis and semen discharge, I would have readily believed their claims.

A healthy sex life means you have complete control over your sexual desire, sexual activities, orgasmic delays, and many more.

So, what are the reasons for premature ejaculation?

Let’s roll our eyes in the given write-up to find the contributing factors which lead to PE.

Biological Problems

You will make a grave mistake if you consider PE as a symbol of healthy libido and try to get over it without proper medical attention.

It’s a biological problem which may occur due to the hormonal imbalance.

When there’s an abnormal change in the hormonal volume, our brain might feel an uncontrolled state of enjoyment.

With the unconstrained pleasure, we might also get semen leakage (semen discharge even without the genital stimulation).

In some cases, the low level of Luteinizing hormone (the hormone responsible in the testosterone production), independently increases the risk of PE. [1]

Sometimes, nerve damage also makes way for ejaculatory disorders.

Performance Pressure

Well, it’s high time when people start acknowledging that it’s not necessary to perform the best every day on the bed.

It’s very reasonable to underperform sometimes as we are not at the same biological and psychological state every day.

However, a lot of men develop performance anxiety, and in haste, they try to overdo.

That’s not being natural.

Sex comes best when it comes natural and smooth.

Any extended efforts to have it might establish issues like premature ejaculation.

Also, new relationship, lack of sex education, and other fear of judgment could deviate men from being the natural performers— as a result, they spew out the fluid much earlier than they anticipated. [2]


Men with higher thyroid stimulating hormone are prone to hyperthyroidism.

It means that they have an active level of thyroid in the body.

The body metabolism is directly proportional to the level of thyroid hormone in the body.

As metabolism steeps high, men have elevated concentrations of testosterone level.

With the increased testosterone level, there’s an increase in sexual urge and brain actively enjoys at minimal stimulation. [3]

Hence, brain orders penis to erect and ejaculate much faster than it should have.

Erectile Dysfunction

The men who have erectile dysfunction introduce a terrible habit in their forte bag— rushing to orgasm.

When they get an erection, they harbor the fear that they might lose it anytime— a major cause of embarrassment.

As a result, they start surviving on sprint sex rather than marathon sex.

That’s probably done to satisfy their egos or hide their incompetence.

Whatever may be the reason, end of the day, they set up another sexual disorder by their own ignorance.

The best way to deal with premature ejaculation is to talk out with the partner and placing trust in foreplay.

You can also practice celibacy until your partner asks for penetration.