It’s unfortunate how ED is affecting one in every four men, and what’s sadder is how despite plenty of treatments available, a lot of population doesn’t have access to the correct medication at the required time.

For some, surgical treatment or revascularization therapy is way too expensive; and for others, the standard form of medication ridicule their body’s mechanical functions by posing dangerous side-effects.

Such populace is looking for an alternative solution which may not necessarily uproot the origin of the ED but could provide a bit of medical assistance during an emergency.

They are steadily shaking hands with the natural medication for building a healthy circulatory system.

A compelling body system would somehow prevent or minimize the threat of several chronic disorders including impotence.

A seismic shift towards flavonoids

Whatever you see around in nature— the flower color, the appearance of the fruits, etc., you are looking at flavonoids.

For flowers and fruits, they are just pigments. For humans and animals, they are healthy nutrients.

They are identified as essential nutrients which belong to one of the largest families— as there are more than 6,000 flavonoid members already.

Why are they healthy?

Some of the juicy flavorsome citrus fruits like blueberries, blackberries, cherries, etc. are rich in flavonoids.

A fair number of people believe that adding these flavonoid-rich citrus fruits could give the necessary boost against the attack of ED.

Studies show a probable indication that flavonoids have several medicinal properties; however, their exact role and their pharmacokinetics are under the subject of examination.

Let’s check some of the properties which make flavonoids a considering option for treating ED.

Antioxidant properties

Like great antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C, flavonoids target the free radicals which have earned the notoriety in destroying the cells and other components in the body tissue. The presence of oxidative stress on the walls of the blood vessels prevent the smoother blood flow in any organ. As free radicals target nitric oxide— the mediator which relaxes the smooth muscles in blood vessels, there’s difficulty in achieving an erection. Flavonoids negate the effect of the free radicals by conspiring a war against them. As they decrease the volume of free radicals, there’s an improvement in impaired cavernosal function in erectile dysfunction.

Anti Inflammatory properties

Number of men develop erectile dysfunction due to inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). RA may project inflammation in the penile blood vessels. Penile inflammation has a detrimental impact on sexual life as they may reduce the sexual drive and cause erectile dysfunction. With flavonoids, you receive a medical aid which is known to block the molecules responsible for inflammation. As it works as a natural barricade to inflammatory molecules, the impact of RA on penile erection can largely be reduced.

Improves cardiovascular mechanism

One way for maintaining the healthy erection is by keeping the cardiovascular mechanism in check. A lot of cardiovascular patients establish impotence as a corollary disease. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant faculties of flavonoids protect the good cholesterol in the body. The safer your good cholesterol, the lesser your chances of developing atherosclerosis— a disorder in which arteries lose their flexibility, elasticity, and gets too narrowed and hardened to carry the blood. The age of the arteries determines men's age. The healthy artery minimizes the dangers of erectile dysfunction.

How fast are flavonoids?

Although they have therapeutic properties, they have a steady and moderate impact.

Seeking natural medication wouldn’t give an instant result, instead, you should use these remedies to strengthen your traditional medicines.

Don’t expect them to work in a breath.

Give them enough space to work according to their efficiencies.