Well, I know how hair knots and tangles could bring out grump in the coolest of the heads.

For you, hair tangle leads to the bad quality of hair; for me, it tests my patience, induces stress, inculcates fear, and many other things which obviously aren’t good for health.

As hair knot may become one of the extended parts of your family, it really depends on how we want to perceive this guest— whether with the arms wide open or with the tapered claws of our hands which look forward to untangling it.

The given section is entirely dedicated to the people who don’t go well with these knots.

For all of you who hate these uninvited guests, and want to get over them— trust me, saying goodbye to them was never this easy.

With the hair stylists and styling schools, an entire batch of the current generation has become cautious about hair, its potion, and nourishment, etc.

As a result, we are more informed about hair care.

Let’s hop on the train of hair care which teaches us to untangle the hair.

Your sleeping postures have problems with hair

Sometimes, your sleeping posture doesn’t align well with the hair.

Sleeping with a tight ponytail can cause hair loss and twist more strands of hair.

With such a ponytail, you might pull your hair unintentionally which may increase the scalp pressure.

You should look to make a loose ponytail and more importantly at the top of the head— which doesn’t create friction against the pillow.

Also, covering your pillowcase with the silk substance will prevent your hair from turning frizzy.

You are not listening to the signal.

The locked hair has something to say which you really need to listen.

Your twisted hair is a result of dehydration, dryness, and lack of potion.

So, the next time when you get these knots, make sure that you are listening to these indicators.

By keeping in handy hair creams and lotions full of moisturizing and lipid content, you can tone down the thirst of your hair.

The Sun doesn’t like your hair...

It stands right in the context of hair.

Although the Sun is very healthy for the body, it doesn’t really like your hair.

With it shimmering right over your head, your hair may meet extreme dryness.

And with dryness, your hair start clotting into junctions.

Of course, it’s not possible to minimize the outdoor activities; however, you can lessen the hair exposure by covering it.

But that’s not the ultimate solution.

You can apply facial sunscreen lotion on your hair and the scalp.

Nor does the pool water

With summer arriving and pool water into the list, it’s like the entire universe is conspiring against your hair.

But you must have answers to these conspiracies.

The pool water has chemicals which can soak out the essential nutrients from hair making your hair dry and more susceptible to hair tangling.

Since it’s going to stay, should you stop diving into the pools?


You should apply conditioner to your scalp and hair before occupying the volume in water.

And even your beloved brush.

Maybe your hair deeply loves the brush, but there’s a high chance that your brush doesn’t necessarily love it.

It may be a single-sided affair.

With intertwined hair, scrubbing the brush in your hair will only irritate it and put additional pressure on it.

With unhealthy scalp and stressed hair follicle, you will have more locked hair.

To prevent it, you have to ditch the brush rather than wait for it to ditch you.

Instead, you can trace your index finger throughout the locks and try to separate them gently.

Hair care is a practice which demands you to ditch something dearer and make friends with something unusual.

The sooner you do, the better you fancy your chances of more beautiful hair.