Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? How often should I have sex with my pregnant wife? What’s the best way to reduce the sexual urge during pregnancy?

A series of questions could baffle your pregnant partner and you regarding sexual sessions especially if you are frequent sex lover.

Well, that’s pretty normal because sexual life slows down with pregnancy, and a lot of couples start drifting apart.

As you see your relationship falling apart due to lack of physical intimacy, your stress makes sense.

In the given section, I shall answer some of the frequently asked questions which could help you to get over stress caused by lack of sex and also enlighten you about the do’s and don’ts of the sexual session.

Question: Is it safe to have intercourse during pregnancy?

Answer: It really depends on the nature of pregnancy. If your partner is healthily pregnant, there’s no meaning of holding onto your urge. I lot of couples have shown concern that during sex, the male partner might poke his penis to head of the baby, but that’s absolutely rubbish. Your baby is completely safe in the amniotic sac inside the uterus (the muscle wall). The pouch is stuffed with amniotic fluid on which baby floats. Moreover, there’s a division between the uterus and vagina in the form of the cervix— the thick septum which prevents the penis from entering into the uterus zone.

Question: How do I know that sex is affecting my pregnancy?

Answer: As long as you don’t have any contraindication, you can practice safe sex; however, if your partner’s vagina starts dispelling blood or throws pungent-smell discharge, you need to confer with the doctor immediately. There’s a high probability that her vagina has caught infection which might swim up to the uterus and later cause problems to the baby.

Question: We continued with the usual sex life as we didn’t know about pregnancy. Will it have any negative implication?

Answer: No, it’s perfectly fine to undergo sexual indulgence. With pregnancy, women’s body release more estrogen and progesterone than their non-pregnant body. As they are the sex hormones, it’s natural that women would crave for more sex. If you have continued to have sex without the information of pregnancy, your partner must be in the early stages of pregnancy— which is by far the safest period to get sexual sessions.

Question: Can we use sex toys like vagina dilators to spice up our sex life?

Answer: Honestly, I’d recommend you to have natural sex rather than resorting to the artificial instruments. Artificial sex toys may infect the uterus and also rupture the water sac. You will have to consider a few things before you dive in to have sex. Make sure that you don’t have laborious sex. An active but laborious session could rupture the membrane— better known as breaking the water.

Question: What are the safer positions during pregnancy?

Answer: The world knows it better that you shouldn’t be adding pressure on the belly. Any position which adds weight on the womb might increase the labor and break the amniotic sac. Some of the positions like spooning or doggie style which doesn’t demand strenuous efforts from your wife bring in the perfect balance of safety and pleasure at the same time.

Question: Till when can we have sex?

Answer: There’s no absolute answer for this; however, it is advised to have sex as long as it’s not pressing the strain on the belly. You may enjoy sex until the water breaks, but it’s not mandatory. Your primary job is to consult with your partner if she is comfortable having another mating session. Non-Consensual sex during pregnancy will only add to mental and belly stress.

Note: Make sure that you discuss things out with your sexologist before you advance with sex events.