Sometimes, we trample across the globe to find out what gratifies our sex lives, and prolly it is the reason why we don’t weight much on sex conversation.

Maybe, sex conversation is the ultimate missing element in our lives and the final answer to our brisk search which can tow our relationship to healthy distances.

And let’s just not constrain conversation to sex.Conversations are meant to widen the spectrum, help in rediscovering ourselves, and boost our introspection.

Do you remember Salt and Pepa hit number— Let’s talk about sex?

They literally understand the concept of sexual discussion, and that’s why they came up with the song which got extremely popular among the couples.

So, what should couples discuss in sex conversations?Let’s find them out.

Discuss your sexual limits

Not all partners are equally competent.It’s possible that you love exotic sex or public sex, and the same push your partner in the discomforting zone.

While it is good to have an unplanned sexual session, you wouldn’t want to find yourself amidst the sexual-embarrassment.

In other cases, you dislike sex toys, and your partner takes pleasure in the presence of the third element.So, your sexual limit may differ from your partner.

The idea of discussing sexual limitation is to converge at a common point.Being open about what makes you uncomfortable and lending your ears to your spouse’s discomfort could bring you two at the same junction.

You or your partner shouldn’t feel ashamed of discussing what entices more, and what turns off the sexual desire.

Discuss your sexual dysfunctions

Failure to launch your gun or ending the sexual party prematurely might detriment your sex life in the long run.Your partner doesn’t bear the crystal ball to know everything about what you feel.

It’s your responsibility to make your partner understand what’s been your penis going through.Similarly, your partner may face other sexual issues such as the dry vagina.

She bears the same role of conversing crucial details about what she feels about sex with you.If sexual stimulation doesn’t fend off her dryness, talk out how she wants to be stimulated which would make the sex less painful— something like roleplay or foreplay.

There’s no point in shying away with these issues because they are to last as long as both of you don’t decide to pull them off together.

Discuss about sexual tests

If you are new couples, you should look forward to finding if your partner is sexually healthy.Just as exposure to cold makes way for infection and viruses to catch your nose and face, excessive sexual exposure leeways virus and other bugs to ride your cock.

The matter isn’t about discovering the total number of sexual partners both of you have had, and it’s also not about judging each other’s sexual animality.

It’s more about being considerate towards each other so that both practice safe and healthy sex in the future.

You can politely enlighten about your safe sex measures and your standard code of sex; however, don’t over-compel your partner to meet your standards because that may stop the ball from rolling.

You both should ensure to inch-forward for a common satisfying point.

Discuss the current mood

Although there’s nothing as pleasurable as passionate sex; let’s stay honest to ourselves— it sometimes overtaxes our energy.

It’s completely normal to feel exhausted because daily sex sounds good in imaginative fantasies, but is way different from reality.

A half-hearted sexual session might satisfy your needs, but your partner may feel alienated during the entire process.

A good sexual session demands emotional and physical connection, and a dragged sex may be physically ungratifying and emotionally disturbing.

So, instead of going for lukewarm sex, a gentle denial would make more sense.Carry a smile on your face, hold your partner’s hand, and let the beans spill out.Ensure that you don’t make him believe that “it’s the last sex they’ve had.”