Does Diabetes Affect The Sex Life?

We all see diabetes as a disease which infiltrates sugar in the blood. But that is not it.

If you dissect its minute details, you will notice that it has a more significant impact on your life— whether it is professional life, mental life, or sexual life.

Restricting it to the “sugar problem” is a way of running away from the broader spectrum, the larger purview.

In the given write-up, we shall look at unraveling the broader spectrum and check how diabetes affects the sex life.

So, let’s get started.

Impact 1: Diabetes neuropathy causes the loss in stimulation

Diabetes affects the nerve tissues.

Nerves are the clump of special tissues which carry the signal between the brain and body parts.

A diabetic patient has more chances of developing this complication.

During the complication, the nerve in the genital area is also damaged.

The damage barres the information from getting relayed between the brain and the genitals.

Hence, the stimulant message is not sent to the brain, marking no effect on the tightening of the penis.

It causes erectile dysfunction. One of the studies shows that 50% percent of diabetic patients have impotence.

The damaged nerves work similarly in the women.

They also fail to sense sexual stimulation resulting in poor vaginal lubrication and immense pain while doing sex.

Impact 2: Diabetes complicates the functioning of the blood flow

Diabetes damages not only the nerves but also the arteries which carry the blood flow in the body.

It is called a vascular complication.

We know that erection is generated due to the blood flow in the sponge-like space within the penis.

The disturbed blood flow in the body also impacts the blood flow in the penis.

It culminates an environment for major sexual threats like the erectile dysfunction.

Impact 3: Diabetes lowers down the sex drive

Diabetes doesn’t stop at vascular complications.

We can attribute diabetes for hormonal imbalance.

Studies conclude that diabetes and low testosterone go hand in hand.

The stimulants which fuel the sex drive (libido) become ineffective or less effective due to low testosterone levels.

Low testosterone range also causes depression and anxiety which again work as a primary barricade for leading a beautiful sexual life.

Since women also secrete testosterone, their libidos are also constrained by diabetes.

Impact 4: Diabetes pushes back the semen

In the rare case, diabetes can damage the nerves of the bladder.

As the uncontrolled sugar level mutilates the bladder, diabetic males may have to face the consequences of retrograde ejaculation.

It’s a type of ejaculation which pushes back the semen to the bladder instead of belching it out of the penis.

The semen then comes out of urethra during micturition.

Impact 5: Diabetes subsidize sex energy

We know sex is an activity, and we need the energy to conduct any activity.

People racked by diabetes are prone to the dipping thyroid levels.

Thyroid level decides the energy of your body.

If you have low thyroid levels, you are more likely to feel tired, depressed, and sleepy.

Low thyroid level subsidises the sex energy by pushing down the levels of sex hormones.

Lower sex hormones inclusive of estrogen and testosterone overcast the libido and ultimately disturbs the sex session.

The conclusion

Diabetes is one of the most pandemic diseases which results in several comorbid conditions like sexual dysfunction and impotence.

The fact that it has affected a considerable populace on earth is disturbing and gives chills to our spine.

And it being a genetic disorder worsen the situation for the future to come.

Addressing the rampant growth of diabetes and diseases of its parity may prevent our generation from stressed sexual life.