It’s sad to see people battling from diabetes because they are not just fighting diabetes but also a lot of other comorbid conditions.

The comorbid condition is when a primary disease shares company with other diseases for deteriorating the health.

The classic example is when Hepatitis C or B results in liver dysfunction and the probable threat of liver cancer.

Similarly, as chronic as diabetes looks, it has attained a particular name in giving birth to other chronic diseases.

It’s like a chain of events when one chemical reaction leads to another chemical reaction.

So, without further ado, let’s lookout at the comorbidities of diabetes.

The association between Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

When there’s a high sugar/glucose level in the blood (in the diabetic bodies), the level of vasodilators in the body dips down to the lowest level.

With the lack of insulin, the glucose fails to enter into the cell membranes and continues to stay in the bloodstream.

With the larger molecules of glucose in the blood, the dilating compounds such as nitric oxide reduce.

The reduced level of Nitric Oxide increases the risk of high blood pressure where the cross-sectional area of the blood vessels shrinks.

The condition stretches up to the penis where the arteries are relatively small in comparison to the other parts of the body.

With the blocked arteries and damaged nerves— also called as diabetic neuropathy— the penis fails to receive the sufficient blood flow for the erection.

The association between Diabetes and Acne

It sounds horrific, but there may be an association between diabetes and acne.

Well, that’s not the ultimate truth.

Let’s understand the reverse engineering of diabetes medication.

Generally, diabetic patients tend to develop dry skin which can often cause itchy sensation; however, anti-diabetic medication such as Metformin hydrochloride, Linagliptin, Glipizide, etc. enhance the risk of skin infection.

Although these chemicals manage the high blood sugar level by enticing the beta cells of the pancreas to produce insulin, they pose side effects as worsening of the skin which may lead to Acne and pimples.

Yes, diabetes and acne can co-exist without each other’s influence, and that’s why you shouldn’t consider acne as a compulsive symptom of diabetes.

The association between Diabetes and Cancer

Again, there’s no guarantee that diabetes will develop cancer in the patients; however, it may catalyze the growth and multiplication of cancer cell in the body.

In a review analysis, the diabetic data got collected from the various parts of the world, and the examination concluded that diabetes undoubtedly enhances the risk of cancer. [1]

The study revealed that women with diabetes are more susceptible to developing cancer by 27% than healthy women, and diabetic men have 19% more chances of having cancer in comparison to healthy men.

The research also indicated that women with diabetes have a more significant danger of producing cancer cells than men because women are often mistreated for diabetes.

The treatment of diabetes

The main question which rises with the treatment of diabetes is— “could we reverse the comorbid conditions if we get control over diabetes?”

Well, there’s no typical anecdotal case which proves that the undoing of the diabetic condition could prevent the multiplication of cancer cells in the body; however, the medication might improve the further deterioration of the health.

Managing the glycemic level with the help of chemicals such as Linagliptin, Pioglitazone, Saxagliptin Glipizide, etc. might halt the damaging of nerves and arteries in the penis.

It, as a result, retains the rate of blood rush in the penis necessary for a firm erection during the sexual session.

We hope you to understand that untreated diabetes aggravates your medical condition, and might give birth to dangerous and deadly diseases like Cancer.

If you want to protect yourself from the upcoming comorbidities, make sure that you switch to the necessary medication as early as pos