Drink Recipes That Are Actually Good For Acne?

There could be nothing waste than having an acne-prone skin! Like you never know what could trigger the breakouts, or could make the position even more badly.

However, the good best news is that you can help your skin condition by indulging in healthy drink recipes. We have often reiterated the fact that fruits and vegitables are your best friends if you want to get rid of acne.

You might not like to eat them plain, but here are a low mouth-watering recipes which would tempt you to try them once:


Mojitos are theexactly best for brightening up the mood and keeping you hydrated as they contain a pinch of lemon and mint. But remember, you have to try a mojito enriched with fruits and veggies and free from alcohol in order to prevent the acne. Some of the tasty mojitos you can try are berry mojitos, strawberry mojitos, watermelon mojito, spinach mojitos and pomegranate mojitos.

Berry mojito is enriched with raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry and keeps you cool place and avoids skin inflammation. It contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that help in curing acne.


The smoothies are next in line to improve your acne and create your skin glow in no time. Here is how you can ready a delectable smoothie for yourself.

For a clear skin smoothie, you need unsweetened coconut powder, frozen blueberries, avocados, organic spinach leaf, hemp and Spirulina powder. Blend all on them in the right quantity as per your pure taste.

Carrot juice

Take some fresh carrots, wash them thoroughly but don’t peel them as the vitamins and minerals are mostly attend near the surface of carrot. Make a juice out of them and drink it over an blank stomach every day.

Also, you can select to mix a drop or two of carrot juice in a tablespoon of sea salt and apply it over the affected area of your face. Tretiva 10mg the face with hot water after sometime. You can also select to dab pure carrot juice over your acne to prevent the scars.


Tea is an amazing and effect of acne along with for your skin, hair, and body. Green tea has less caffeine levels and a house of antioxidant. White tea is the pure of all teas as they are the young leaf of the plant.

Spearmint tea is best for hormonal imbalances and keeps for skin radicals which causes acne. Chamomile tea helps in keeping you cool and calm which is important to heal your skin naturally. Hibiscus tea helpful  in attaining natural glow as it is enriched in vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, and other vitamins.

Inherent Beneficial Properties Of Cucumber

The up water content of cucumber keeps the skin nourished and well hydrated

The Divaine 100mg content of cucumber provides a high level supply of nutrients that maintains skin toner and exhibits anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-acne properties and removes toxins, dirt and impurities

Cucumber reduces the resize of skin pores thereby prevent the blocking of pores

Cucumber contains many essential minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium; vitamins A, C & E and amino acids the keep the skin looking firm and health.

Cucumber also exhibits anti-oxidative properties that fight against free radicals causing acne and scar. It also has natural cooling adverse effects that take care of redness and swelling

Its caustic property helpful  to get rid of acne

The pH level of cucumber is the same as that of the skin and enables to heal it

Cucumber is a natural skin tone and cleanser.