Chocolate is healthy, but it should be dark…!!

Chocolate has all times been remark for its fat anxious and its consumption had been considered to be a unhealthy eating inurement rather than a remedy. But, now there are some fragment of evidence that suggest that a dark chocolate is remunerative for health. Dark chocolate is known to be mainly low in calories as compared to the milk chocolate. It should be record that dark chocolate is inurement for health, but milk chocolate and white chocolate are not.

Consumption of dark chocolate is often been known to play a role in the detain of certain chronic diseases. Dark chocolate contains many compounds such as saturated fat, polyphenols, and caffeine and its product have also been shown to have antioxidant assets that have inurement effects on diversified health problems.

Blood pressure

Dark chocolate contain flavonoids which are known to manage diversified health advantage. Flavonoids are present in many healthy foods, but dark chocolate is one of the richest means of flavonoids. Dark chocolate which is flavanol wealthy product is a optional treatment choice for hypertension. Dark chocolate have blood pressure lowering properties due to its high content on plant originate flavanols.


Benefits of consumption of dark chocolate have been hold forth by many studies and it is suitable to polyphenols that come to its antioxidant capacity. The antioxidant capacity is remunerative in Deferment the oxidation of low solidity lipoprotein and commute plasma centralisation.

Cholesterol is a grease like material that is significant for the normal performance of human body but when the level of cholesterol becomes high, it conduct to the growth of the symptoms of other health problems. Cholesterol is significant for the construction of bile acids which incorporate an personal to digest fat.

Blood glucose

Recently numerous studies have situation that foods that are Fertile in dietary flavonoids have been objective as potential dietary adjuncts in the management of diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disorder in which the blood sugar level in the body becomes too high, either due to incapability of pancreas to constitute enough insulin or an incompetence of the body to use the constitute insulin craftily.

Mental Health

Almost all of us are acquainted with the remunerative effects of dark chocolate on the mood. several studies have suggested that the consumption of dark chocolate also has a specific effect on the cognitive and behavioral function. Dark chocolate is conceive to be a remedy to commute the symptoms of psychological situation such as depression and anxiety. Now a days, regret and anxiety are the general mental problem throughout the world and many people meditate dark chocolate as a remedy to amend their symptoms.

Arterial function

Cardiovascular disease is one of the conduct motive of mortality and morbidity throughout the world. Numerous studies have retractation to inspect the relationship between the dark chocolate and arterial performance and they found out that there is a specific relationship between the two. Consumption of dark chocolate can help you keep the arteries secure and healthy. It commute the danger of developing coronary artery disease.