No, I am not dismissing your regular diet just to add aphrodisiac in your degrading sex life.The real fun begins when we start enjoying marvelous sex without rescheduling much in our lives.

Thus, I am not here to bring significant changes in your lifestyle; instead, I am here to add that one missing element in your meal which could change the dimension of your sex life.So, let’s convert our daily meal into a sex-boosting course.

Caviar sitting comfortable on omelets

Imagine caviar placed comfortably on omelets.Nothing feels as sexy as a spoonful of caviar on the white omelets.Akin to chicken eggs, Caviar is also a type of egg which contains vitamin B5 and B6.

It’s like topping an egg over an egg, i.e., double the sexual impact.The said vitamins balance the sex hormones in the body— the necessary condition for living up to the sexual standards.

As you garnish or spread caviar on the crispy toast or omelets, you also get a high amount of L-arginine protein.

L-arginine protein is known as a precursor to nitric oxide production— the compound reputed for dilating the blood vessels in the various parts of the body including the penis.

The dilated blood vessels carry more blood than the anticipated and helps you enjoy thorough sex.So, get ready to give pleasure to your tongue tip and dick tip at the same time.

Watermelon Mojito

No, you can’t escape watermelon when it comes to establishing a good sex life.Watermelon doesn’t need any introduction as it’s the epitome of sex-enhancer.

It’s a herbal viagra which has citrulline— the amino acid which widens the blood vessels by relaxing the muscle walls.

As it expands the blood vessels, the genital receives more blood for an erection.Hence, it’s been one of the essentially prescribed natural herbs by ayurvedic for combating erectile dysfunction.

If you don’t like watermelon, make a highball mojito and pour it in your system.If your spouse gets tired of stimulating your penis, she shall kiss watermelon for easing her job.

Stewed fresh berries or berry sauce over ice-cream

No meal is perfect without ice creams.If you have hard times getting hard in summers, ice creams with fresh berries or berry sauce can just be what you need.

Berries are the natural alternative of viagra which improves the sexual stimulation in the body by bringing back the level of sexual neurotransmitters.

Berries have natural flavonoids which boost sexual desire by cutting down extra fat in the body.As it’s a natural blood-vessels elasticizer, it makes it easier for the blood to enter into the penile nerves and make erection firmer.

Who knows, adding berries into your vanilla ice-cream could double the sexual intimacy with your spouse.

Dark chocolate as your desert

Well, if you gift chocolate to win a partner, take dark chocolates for them.Painting your spouse chocolate sauce is even sexier and appealing.

If you have added all the sex-enhancing meals in your daily schedule, putting chocolates as deserts could be the best and the final booster.

The chocolate has cocoa/theobromine— the chemical which makes way for serotonin secretion— the hormone which induces happiness and sets up the perfect mood for sex.

To make your sex life more chocolaty, take a chocolate bar and place one end in your mouth and the other one in your partner’s.

Reach to the common point, and make a sweet kiss.The kiss and the chocolate go well together with antioxidative properties.

Thus, chocolate caters the sexual mood, and reduce the free radicals for enhancing the blood flow in the body— giving birth to real-energetic sex.Adding these missing elements in your meal doesn’t need excruciating efforts.

It just demands discipline and focuses; however, if you want a quick booster in your sex life— you’d need us as we have medicines for sexual dysfunctions.