There are times when we look around for finding out the primary cause of a disorder, but fail to do so despite it at around the corner.

The story stands true for erectile dysfunction where we apply all the resources to locate the leading cause— be it in diet, hygiene, etc. but the end of the day, we find ourselves in the helpless condition.

All because we didn’t link one disease with the other. As it’s too imbecile to think that diabetes may affect the penis. But that doesn’t change reality.

There are diseases which faster the rate of ED in men.

In the part 1 section, we covered diseases which surprisingly lead to erectile dysfunction.

They were:

  • HIV Aids
  • Lymphedema or Elephantiasis
  • Gum Diseases
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

So, let’s find out other diseases which bring corollary disease such as erectile dysfunction.

Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS)

As weird as it may sound, Chronic Sinusitis or Sinus infection creates scope for Erectile Dysfunction.

Sinus— an upper airway condition is an inflammatory disease which leads to nasal congestion and facial pain accompanied by seldom fever and headache.

It affects 10 to 30 person in every 100 people of the developed nations like the United States and Europe [1].

In one of the surprising studies, it was demonstrated that the men suffering from CRS have a strong association with impotence.

The most astonishing part of the study concluded that it affects 35-50 years of age group— the group which has lesser chances of developing ED than 50-70 years age group [2].

Although the exact mechanism for ED developed out of Sinusitis is unknown, it was found that the plasma level of tgf-β (The fibrogenic cytokine) was more in ED patients— one of the primary causes of ED.


Akin to CRS (upper airway), lower airway disorder like Asthma has also shown likable impact for causing ED.

Despite there’s no direct link between Asthma and Impotence, but patients with Asthma are more than twice as likely to establish heart disorders.

And we have a definite idea about the connection between heart disorders and penis erection.

The cardiovascular diseases have earned notoriety in steering erectile dysfunction in our bodies [3].

Type 2 diabetes

Although ED and Diabetes have no connection according to the medical theories, they somehow go hand-in-hand.

It’s the most common form of diabetes.

More than 29 million people get diagnosed with it in America, and 8 million are underdiagnosed or don’t have an idea about their condition [4].

As the uncontrolled sugar level causes diabetes in the bloodstream, it may affect the nerves and blood vessels in the body, including those of the genitals.

In normal conditions, nerves relay the sexual stimulation to the brain and bring back the response to the penis; however, damaged nerves fail to carry the message making erection quite tough for penis during the intercourse.

Also, damage in the blood vessels impairs the circulatory motion of the blood in the penis making a stronger point for ED.

Multi Sclerosis (MS)

It’s a disorder in which the body immune system destroys or eats the protective sheath of the nerves.

As it’s a direct nerve impairment, the impact of MS can be severe on the nerves which are involved in the erectile response.

The severity of the disease can also kill sexual stimulation and prevent blood flow in the penile region.

MS has procured a bad name in detrimenting the sexual desire in women as well [5].

Are you still finding the cause of your ED? It’s highly possible that your existing disease is contributing to it.

The best way to fight comorbid ED is by fighting primary diseases. Step up, challenge them, and get back your glorious sexual life.