Earlier in the first part, we discussed how our daily routine could lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

Let’s check what they were

  • Eating and drinking habits from the canned packaging
  • Addiction to cosmetics like hair spray
  • Excessive cycling on small seats

In the given segment, we shall unravel a few more habits which make surprising space for sexual problems like low sex drives, depreciating testosterone level and Erectile dysfunction.

So, let’s find out how lifestyle contributes to these disorders and what should you do to bring these issues to their knees.


Well, that’s hard to believe considering the significant percentage of men snore.

A survey revealed that almost 40% of men snore and keeping that in mind, 40% of men should have erectile dysfunction [1].

But that’s not true because it’s not an indelible mark on the stone.

Studies have shown a modest relationship between snoring and erectile dysfunction.

Certain disorders like sleep apnea disturb the respiratory system, stops the person from breathing during sleep and develops snoring habit.

Obstructive Sleep apnea (OSA) also shrinks the oxygen supply to the body and brain.

As a result, snoring caused by sleep apnea cut the oxygen-rich blood flow in the penis leading to Erectile disorder [2].

The study conducted by the American Urological Association revealed that treating Sleep Apnea and snoring had a growing impact on the 25% of men suffering from ED.

Precautions: There’s no final conformity between snoring and sexual issues like premature ejaculation or falling testosterone level. However, testing our sleep disorders through specific procedures could rule out the existence of ED.

  1. Oral devices like sleep apnea relief and snore drops could enhance the oxygen supply in the body.
  2. Continuous positive airway pressure machine therapy for better breathing.
  3. Reducing the amount of alcohol intake, smoking; and lifestyle modifications like weight loss can give you sound sleep and fancy sex.

Lazy in brushing teeth

Laziness in brushing your teeth makes your mouth dirty— and your penis dead.

That sounds horrific, but your dental habits might give the path for erectile dysfunction.

Bad teeth lead to chronic periodontal disease— a disease which creates the oral cavity and enhances the bacterial growth in the gums and bones around the teeth.

To fight the bacterial infection, our body responses with chronic inflammation which may damage the endothelial cells— a thin lining of the blood vessel.

The effect of the infection could spread to the cells of the penile region; as a result, there’s a disturbance in the blood flow.

The irregular blood flow in the penis and other region establish the chances of Erectile Dysfunction and hypertension respectively [3].

Precaution: Whether oral hygiene affects your sexual functionality or not— it’s imperative to clean your teeth and gum.

  1. Floss and clean your teeth twice a day.
  2. Confer with the dentist every six months.

Subsisting Prescription

Your subsisting medical prescription for daily needs could push you towards ED.

Hair fall medicines like Finasteride and Dutasteride have a chemical component ‘5a-RI’ which is partly responsible for elevating ED cause [4].

Antidepressant medicines like citalopram (Celexa) and escitalopram (Lexapro) promote erectile dysfunction by hormonal imbalance in the body [5].

Antidepressants uplift the serotonin hormone— happy hormone in the body.

Adding selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in the body discontinues the connection between the brain and the penis, and the stimulation and response signal are lost in oblivion [6].

Precaution: A lot of drugs play a part in the ED, and if you are taking ED drugs, make sure that they are free of cross-reactivity.

A slight habitual change could debar ED from affecting our sexual lives.

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