The prevalence statistic of ADHD— better known as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder— has increased in the past decade as it almost affects 9 to 12 people in the population of every 100. [1]

The worst fact about the disease is— you could be the potential ADHD patient without acknowledging the probable threat of it.

If you are too impulsive a decision-maker, if you are hyperactive, and if you fail to have a persistent concentrate good-enough to carry a task; then you are at the risk of ADHD.

And that’s not it because ADHD also disturbs the adult playtime.

You guessed it right— ADHD affects the sex life as it’s not restricted to kids but also transcends into adulthood.

Let’s view some of the effects of ADHD on sex life.

Impulsive sexual decision

If you are fighting the misery of ADHD, the chances are high that you might dive into the impulsive sexual decisions.

A lot of ADHD affected patients complain of the unprotected sex or impulsive sexual session with the wrong partner.

It eventually tarnishes the relationship with your partner, and your sex life may take a considerable toll.


Being an ADHD patient is not as easy as it constantly distracts the attention— even during the sexual indulgence.

Sex is an indulging act which demands complete psychological and physical attention from both the partners.

ADHD produces psychological interference which snatches your attention during sex.

It may result in two of the primary issues.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction: As the person fails to pay attention to sex, he might also fail to get a persistent erection despite prolonged sexual stimulation.
  2. Delayed Orgasm: The delayed orgasm is a common outcome in both men and women who can’t make the attentive grade for sex.

Lack of sex drive

Libido is the prime-sex driver which entices you to go for sex.

With ADHD, you are likely to unnaturally give away your sexual drive which, as a result, causes hyposexuality.

The multi-factors contribute to giving up the sex drive— and the failure to represent the sexual interest for longer duration induces fear.

The fear of mental-diversion while performing sex might aggravate the situation and seize your remaining sex-desire.

Moreover, the anti-ADHD drugs such as antidepressant worsen your situation.

In some of the cases, your ego speaks louder than your sexual activity.

Because of the continuous flickering mindset and the lack of sexual judgment, you may harbor egos such as “why shall I do sex? I am good without it,” and over the brief time, your sexual urges might get numbed.

Hypersensitivity (emotional and physical)

It’s one of the visible symptoms of ADHD, but it has as good a role in sex lives.

If you are wretched by ADHD, you are probably going to build sensitivity to some or many of the activities around you.

For example, your partner might reap the enjoyment of oral sex, but your ADHD brain will compel you to feel irritated.

Also, in the emotional lability, the mood shift might prevent you from having joyous sex.

In addition to this, you might have a poor self-image where you’d emotionally curse your sexual ability, and the consequences would detriment your sex life.

Ways to dodge ADHD’s impact on your sex life

It’s challenging to diagnose ADHD because it is purely based on your behavior; however, if you feel that your lack of attention has costed your sex life, you shall be advancing to do these treatments.

  1. Try sex in the location which doesn’t have any distraction such as TV, internet, or even the external noise.
  1. Intimidate your partner about the disorder. It would help your partner to shift the sexual goalpost and design a new intimate roadmap.
  1. Don’t zone out during sex. If something is deviating your mind including your partner, mention it clearly to him/her.