If you prefer sleeping like a log over drilling your partner despite intense, intimate seduction, the battery of your sex life has slowly progressed to drainage.

With such a dull sex life, you’d scroll hundreds of porn webpages to buy sex-intensifying products, take advice from your sexually active friends, confer with doctors to bring back the lost sexual charm, put your trust on unreliable supplements and whatnot?

While I understand your impatience that you can’t bear your relationship getting drained into the gutter, I also urge you to try every permutation before sticking to something like— supplements.

Yes, adding supplements to your daily diet may charge you sexually but make sure that you be friends with them only after you have reached for other methods like exercises, proper medication, etc.

Having said that, let’s take a closer look at the supplements which you should try after adopting all other means.


Iron— marking its place safely at the 26th place of the periodic table— is a double-edged sword for your sex life.

One of the reviews suggests— with losing the iron content, the body also loses the sexual libido— the ultimate sex driving fuel.

As it also looks after the sperm development and doesn’t let free radicals torment the gametes, the iron deficiency also affects the sexual function. [1]

In a broader sense, if you go through iron-depletion therapy— the therapy which aims at increasing the iron content in your circulatory system— then you may regain your sexual power and control. [2]

It stands effective for either gender; however, it’s a toxic substance if taken beyond the specific limit, i.e., 20 mg with the worst being affecting your fertility. [3]

The other toxic adversaries include constipation and related stomach issues; while it may cause death if you administer more than 60 mg of the element.


Niacin— one of the variants of Vitamin B (Vitamin B3)— has shown its long affirming therapeutic effect on sexual functions of men.

A lot of times, bad cholesterol snatches your ability to produce a strong and persistent erection as it irritates your regular cardiovascular proceedings, thereby leading to arteries blockage in the penis.

And if you wish to see your penis “stoned,” you got to reduce the bad cholesterol or enhance the good cholesterol.

Prefixing Niacin to your daily diet schedule will assist the increment of HDL cholesterol— the good cholesterol which improves the cardiovascular operations. [4]

Another study clearly indicates that Niacin can play a significant part in gifting sexual powers to men who can’t get hard during sexual sessions or suffering from erectile dysfunction. [5]

Again, Niacin toxicity potentiates the danger of side effects; howbeit, limiting it to 1500 mg for a good three months may resolve erectile dysfunction.


Yohimbine— the compound derived from the bark of the Johimbe— a tree from African descendent— has a cultural and traditional use in treating erectile dysfunction in men.

Back in the late 90s, the tree earned the reputation of herbal viagra— with it being the first plant-derivative officially announced to treat ED in humans. [6]

It has earned a decent reputation as a vasodilator— the substance which dilates the blood vessels by reducing the pressure on the walls of it.

If you have been longing to get a hard-persistent erection during sex, the extract from the plant will widen the arteries of your penis, thereby laying the groundwork for form erection.

But your sexual functions can reach new heights when it also enhances sexual sensation and stamina by stimulating the pelvic nerve ganglia despite your high blood sugar level or poor cardiovascular function.


Bring the experience of Andes to your home with Maca roots as they replenish your empty sex bowl.

A series of studies have tried to unearth Maca as a sexual boosting entity, and with the available database, we can say that Maca takes care of erectile dysfunction, infertility, and loss of libido at the same time. [7]

Since it benefits your sexual function through multiple-channels, you wouldn’t want to miss this traditional remedy for exploring and trying a new kinky side of yours.

So, what other supplements do you use to get better on the bed?