We want to talk about something really important through this write-up, and it is— SEX.

As Valentine’s day is just at the corner, we don’t want partners to attack each other with boatloads of sexual blames.

We want you to clasp your partner, embrace her structure, and drill her till eternity— no matter how old are you, no matter what your sexual issues are.

Just raise your gun, and shoot— the only shooting which doesn’t need gun control.

If you have reasons not to grind your girl, we have reasons to give your potency back to you.

And we do this by recommending micronutrients— the small substances capable of engorging giant penises.

That’s right; we are going to prove micronutrients SEXY elements for bringing out sexual pleasure in you.

If you stuff enough micronutrients in the body, you will most probably get everything what sexually active body needs.

Alright, let’s get some micronutrients for sexing up our Valentine’s day.

Vitamin D

We call our homes “the basic necessity;” however, our shelters have snatched our exposure to Vitamin D.

Vitamin D— a lovely agent catalyzes the seepage of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate in the intestines.

Its deficiency has propelled cardiovascular risk in the bodies— the danger which may sufficiently devastate sexual health.

The healthy supplementation of Vitamin D mitigates the cardiovascular risk and brightens up the mood.

Due to the better levels, you are more likely to screw your woman with the fresher state of mind come this 14th.

Vitamin D sources: Cheese, Egg Yolk, Sun, Soy Milk, etc.

Vitamin A

The original Vitamin A, and not the beta version of it (beta carotene) beautifully weaves our immunity system and betters our vision.

However, we need to look at it with a broader perspective— its contribution to the greatest joy of life, i.e., sex.

If you are facing trouble in making your woman scream, maybe you’d want to check the Vitamin A level.

The lack of Vitamin A releases cortisol in the bloodstream— the hormone responsible for building depressive sex life.

Depression lowers the mood of two heads— your primary brain and the dickhead (due to low testosterone level).

Adding A-rich supplement would give you enough power to break the depressive shackles and let your woman deal with the excited baby making machine.

Vitamin A sources: Eggs, Cod liver oil, Fortified skim milk, Fortified breakfast cereals, etc.

Vitamin E

If I were to give synonyms to Vitamin E, I’d call it a “sex vitamin.”

It is generally taken for building up a strong immune system, healthy skin, and eye; however, if utilized correctly, it’s the cupid which releases the love arrows.

In the past few years, it has gained a title of antioxidant— a property which grapples with several sexual disorders.

As an antioxidant, it shoos away the free radicals which destroy the nitric oxide— the compound necessary for systemic blood circulation.

As it carries oxygen-rich blood in the genitalia, there’s an enhancement in the blood flow of the penis.

Moreover, it’s an active testosterone builder— the sex hormone which maintains your sexual template.

You can use Vitamin E as an anti-aging agent— a substance which could help you in scoring more brownie points.

Vitamin E sources: wheat germ, almonds, sunflower, peanuts, safflower, spinach corn, soybean oils, etc.

A quick magic potion

You surely need to rely on these micronutrients for boosting your sex drive; however, for early onset, you should take advantage of traditional medicines such as generic Viagra.

The effect of these nutrients won’t be a visible fortnight. You’ll have to give some time before they bring in positivity in your penis.

Make sure that you balance the traditional and natural mean of cure so that you can enjoy all Valentine’s day in the years to come.