Being conscious about how your body appears and having low self-esteem because of the same can really impact your sex life.

Men and women both suffer from body image issues.

However, it affects sexual responsiveness and arousal in women more than men.

 It may even lead to relationship distress if not addressed at the right time.

 Millions of men and women worldwide are victims of hypoactive sexual desire syndrome  due to body image issues.

 Body image issues are real, but they originate mostly due to the thought process of the victim.

 The thought process of the victim affects him/her more than social or partner pressure.

What triggers body image issues?

Body image issues occur due to two main reasons:

How the person sees himself/herself: If a person is conscious of his/her appearance and is not happy with it, they start avoiding sexual activity.

 They view their body in a negative light and don't feel the desire to be touched.

Some are not happy with the size of their organs or the number of their body weight which leads to lack of sexual desire.

How the person thinks other people perceive him/her: A person who feels his/her partner appreciates his/her body type, the sexual functioning of that person will be high.

 People who realize that their partner or peers don’t find their body attractive or meeting the social standards of beauty, end up being sexually inactive.

They don’t want to be seen only to receive more criticism.

 The fear of being judged by partner or peers makes them withdraw from sexual activity.

How to deal with body image issues for better sex life?

Trust your partner: Most partners find it difficult when they see their respective partners really sexy, but they don't believe it and reject sexual advances.

 It is essential for you to think that your partner loves you and loves being intimate with you for the way you are.

Do not let body image issues get in the form of sexual intimacy.

Trust yourself: More than what others think, it is essential for you to cleanse your thoughts about yourself.

The more you love yourself, the more people will love you.

If you suffer from low self-confidence, it will reflect on your body language.

Confidence is key to active sex life.

 It will make you more attractive and will definitely boost your libido as well.

Avoid negative talk before and after making out: When you get "the moment," do not ruin it by talking negatively about you or your partner's weight or size of particular body parts.

 Let the moment be about intimacy, engage in intimacy and talk about it and nothing else.

Let sex work as a bonding factor and not a performance that will earn you some award.

Do not forget to breathe: If negative thoughts keep coming in between while you are having sex, take a couple of deep breathes and focus on them.

This will help you to stir away ideas that are distracting you from enjoying the moment.

Shift your focus on your partner: Stop worrying about your body!

When you are having sex, it is all about your partner, you love your partner and being intimate with them.

Focus on how you find him/her attractive and how he/she appreciates you.

This will help you in having engaging sex which will make you look forward to more such sessions.

Ladies! Kill it with Kegel: Kegel workouts not only help you work on your pelvic muscles but also help you to feel negative and imbibes positive vibes in you.

It will not only make you more confident but will also help you have fantastic sex with mind-blowing orgasms.

Instead of trying to change it out of hatred, accept your body the way it is.

It is great to workout and diet for being healthy but do not force yourself into activities like this out of stress.

Be yourself to make most of your sex life.