Honeymoon Impotence

Honeymoon impotence— as bizarre as it sounds, we have exciting ways to deal with it.

It occurs when a person doesn’t get a firm erection enough to have sexual intercourse in the first few nights of the marriage.

Several parts of the world consider pre-marriage sex a taboo and the term “sex for the first time” itself sounds dreadful to the people who haven’t done it ever, and are taught to do right after the marriage.

The religious bigotry and cultural extremism believe that “having sex before marriage is a sin, and it may invite the wrath of God.”

As a result, they don’t even know about the common sexual positions, measures of protection, and do’s and don’ts of sex.

Their ignorance, lack of sexual education, and fear of sexual performance after marriage result in the honeymoon impotence.

In many cases, failure on the first sexual night might lead to the cascading effect, and men may develop drooping erectile function.

The same is observed with the women as well.

Akin to men, women also have a sexual strain on the first night.

Fear of the new partner induces psychological stress, and lack of comforts might constrict the Vagina.

To what erectile dysfunction is to men, vaginismus is to women.

Basically, it occurs in people who haven’t tried sex ever and are left to fight the first battle straight after getting married.

It’s a complicated situation, and it needs peculiar methods for fair dealing.

Let’s check some of the ways to make peace with the honeymoon impotence.

Stop overrating performance anxiety.

Some religious and mythical tales stop men from masturbation, let alone the sex.

A study suggests that lack of exploring physical-self has more to do with the erectile dysfunction than the performance anxiety.

When men hit the puberty, they slowly learn to discover their sexual desire, their fantasies, and creative imagination.

However, barring them to learn about their sexual interest snatches their fundamental right to reap pleasure out of ownself.

Masturbation is an act of stimulating genital which checks that the entire procedure of brain and penis interaction, the blood flow, and the erection are aligned.

Despising such activity could hamper the blood flow in the penis.

You may call it a slow deterioration of your ability to get an erection.

Masturbation is like a practice game you need before indulging in any sexual session.

Next time, before you blame performance anxiety for the honeymoon impotence, get a straight fact into your head— you are conditioned to avoid sexual exploration in the name of cultural superstition.

Get yourself educated

Knowing everything about sex is the first step towards fighting the detrimental effect of honeymoon impotence.

Sex education springs better understanding between couples.

You got to learn everything about the genitals of both the entities, common sexual positions, protected sex, etc.

Resorting to good couple pornography or educational videos could help you big time in the first night.

Steadily stimulate your partner.

Why hurry when you have an entire life to make love to your partner?

A rushed penetration might results in pain or sexual discomfort— which further your disorder and often instill more fear.

Take your time to stimulate your partner’s genital, and expect the same from your partner.

Good foreplay, oral sex, healthy cuddle, mutual masturbation, and luscious kiss could just set the sexual environment for drawing out wonders in your sexual night.

You can also use sex toys like vagina dilator or erection pump for getting comfortable.

The more you set up the stage for penetration, the better you perform.


Don’t let the psychological stress rule your body. You are not the servant of stress; you are the master. Keep patience and talk out with your partner. Talking is the best medicine until you want it to be the best.