Exercise regularly

Exercising on a regular basis then see the results in falling asleep faster and sleeping longer time with more “deep delta sleep”. It is best to exercise in the early morning when one can be outside to take advantage of exercise in bright daylight. It is actually means the light passing direct through the eyes to the suprachiasmatic nuclei in the hypothalamus of the brain that wakes us up and sets our internal time clock which decide our sleep wake cycle or circadian rhythm.

Do not exercise too much close to bedtime because it can stimulate wakefulness. Mild and soft exercise should be done at least 4 hours before bedtime and vigorous exercise should be done at least 6 hours prior to bedtime for sleep.

Seriously, just relax

Try establishing relaxing a pre-sleep ritual to cure your body that it is time for sleep time. This is method is popular with children: evening snack, bath, brushing teeth, bedtime story and boom! The child is asleep before the cartoon story is finished. The child is so habited to this routine cycle that their body is cued to fall in sleep with the cute story.

It works for adults, too. A warm bath at night is good because, once out of the tub, the body cools, promoting sleep easily. Also suggested bedtime snacks include warm milk or milk products, turkey, almonds, and other foods that contain tryptophan, an amino acid that turns into relaxing to brain chemicals like serotonin and melatonin, a substance chemical which promotes sleep. Reading any articles before bed is popular because it takes the mind to other places away from current concerns and life also move out from routine worries. Before sleep Yoga, meditation, and prayer of god are also good methods for calming the mind and the body.

Get up at the same time everyday

Even on the weekends and when on vacation get up at a regular time. This will help set your circadian rhythm and physical activity. The biological and psychological processes of chemical in the human body work on a 24-hour cycle. This is called circadian rhythm of heart. All the processes in the body cycle with this cardiac rhythm.

For example, generally body temperature starts to improve in the morning hours of sleep just before awakening. This leads to wakefulness and alertness. As per your bedtime nears in the evening or night, your body temps cool in preparation for going to sleep. The body temperature of your body also dips between 2- 4 p.m. at mid-day, which may be why some people get sleep in the afternoon. The body temperature is also dips between 2-4 a.m. to help maintain REM sleep.

In some case in night labor workers state that it is extremely difficult to stay awake during this time. There is a forcefully desire to sleep. Along with influencing sleep and wakefulness, our circadian rhythm times to release of various hormones such as cortisol, melatonin, and growth hormone.

Sleep in a cold room.

Your body cools down in easy naturally during sleep, so a lower room temperature will help you in sleep as much as possible. Switch off your heating at night, as it might to leave you waking up at mid night feeling overheated or over warm temperature. Leave your window or small space to ventilation open, even in winter, to allow fresh air and oxygen to enter the bedroom. The ideal room temperature for sleeping time is approx recommended to be 12 degrees Celsius (54 F), while other experts is claim that a sleeping temperature between 60 – 65F is ideal too.

Sleep in a dark room.

In your room too much light, either blue light or any kind of colour light from electronics or light peeking through the curtains from outside, will problem create with your sleep and the secretion of melatonin. If If you can’t eliminate certain electronics from your room, nor change to darker or black curtains or fully-shutting blinds, then invest for a good sleep mask. Don’t forget to take your sleep mask along for long flights as well.

Finish your day’s business in your mind.

Plan your next day before you going to sleep to bed, so that you don’t find out yourself going over everything you need to do something, the next day while trying to fall in asleep. If business worries is necessary, then write down your worries before bedtime as well. Ideally on thing is that, write your set up goals for the next day at the end of your working days into your business planner. Think positive thoughts before you sleep which is help you for sleep and your cardiac activity, and keep gratefulness and success lists to reflect on your day from a positive standpoint.

Don’t overeat at dinner.

A full stomach at dinner time makes sleeping to difficult. Ideally, you should be plan for your dinner no later than to ear at list three hours before your bedtime. Focus on protein and some healthy fat for dinner, and reduce carbs. Keep your light dinner you typically won’t to need much fuel for the rest of your day anymore at dinnertime. Replace at, start having larger fat meals for breakfast and lunch, when you actually need that fuel for working.

Bedtime Music

If you sing a light music your baby to sleep, or use a mobile in cartoon, or stuffed animal that plays approx music for fifteen or twenty minutes at bedtime, you could be causing your child to wake more. Why? Babies and toddlers have to a very short sleep cycles at night and days, lasting for 40 to 60 minutes depending on age. At the end of this sleep cycle of baby, one of three things may happen.

  1. Baby move straight into a new sleep cycle,
  2. Baby wake fully in short of time and need your help to start a new cycle, or
  3. Number three is that where is important to consider any constants in the room. If a child goes to sleep with music, that light music needs to be present all night. At the end of a sleep cycle by cycle, that slightly rousing some child needs to hear the same kind of sounds as when they went to sleep, if they don't, then the sharp change in environment may cause them to wake fully and need your help. Some companies try to get around this by designing noise maker and that motion activated music players. These rarely work and I don't recommend to you and anyone of them. Because they 'catch' the child too late sleep, when they are already roused and moving/crying.