As people have got familiar with a lot of sexual disorders, they are in the zone where they can share their problems with comforts and out of the will.

We know that sexual inabilities like erectile dysfunction can devastate a relationship and tear off the self-esteem; however, any problem in the bedroom is not necessarily linked to ED.

The disease has been overhyped and a bad day in bed could make you believe that you are impotent.

But, it’s very natural that every man will face trouble in getting an erection at one point in time in their entire existence.

The onus is entirely on us— how well we determine our issues and what measures we take to overcome them.

So, how to find if you have erectile dysfunction?

Signs of erectile dysfunction

Sexual arousal is a very complicated process.

A lot of factors contribute to your arousal— both internal and external.

Your mental health and physical health need to be in proportion, and if they are not in line, you are likely to suffer from sexual disorders.

Impaired internal body functions like muscle, nerves, blood vessels, hormones, etc. could become detrimental for our sexual health.

If you are looking to find whether you have the erectile dysfunction, you got to look at many factors.

Ask yourself a few questions and look for the answers.

Here’s the series of questions which could give you the signs of erectile dysfunction.

How often do you have an erection?

If the frequency of your erection has lowered than your younger times, don’t jump for quick deduction. First check how old are you. Although ED can affect any male group, the chances steep up at 50 to 70. If your sexual frequency has lowered, but you enjoy sex twice or thrice a week, you have a pretty normal condition.

How long does the erection stay?

It’s the most important question which you have to answer. If you can’t get an erection adequate to have sexual intercourse, you might like to evaluate further scenarios like “how often does this happen.” If your penis quickly loses the erection or is continuously in a semi-rigid state during sex, you might have developed ED.

What’s your stimulus material?

If you have access to all the stimulus material like partner’s stimulation, porn, etc. and you still fail to get an erection, maybe you have become over-familiar with the situation. Your over-familiarity on the bed is not the same as having ED. A change in the sexual plot could just work wonders for you.

Are you feeling sexually low?

Do you fail to feel the charm of sexual indulgence? Do you always feel low with sexual moods? Your psychological correctness has a lot to do with the erection. If you can’t feel stimulated by an excellent series of porn or any other woman, you may have ED, and you need to get back your sexual desire on track.

You are at the receiving end of ED when

  1. You have turned old
  2. You have obesity
  3. Your psychological conditions like stress and anxiety don’t support you
  4. Your physical conditions like diabetes, neuropathy, and cardiovascular diseases hamper your blood vessels.
  5. You are addicted to poor lifestyle including smoking and alcohol beyond the drinking limits.
  6. You are under the influence of a drug which produce hypertensive symptoms.
  7. You have somehow damaged the arteries and nerves of your genitals.
  8. You have testicular cancer.
  9. You are under the medical treatment of cancer.

You can prevent erectile dysfunction by challenging the exact cause.

But again, your first step is to check the signs and consult with your doctor.

It’s advisable to stay honest with your doctor while sharing your medical history and the current condition.

So, did you find what’s disturbing your sexual life?