Whatever you do needs control.Whether you are driving a car, playing tennis, or performing sex— you got to have control over your reflexes, response, judgment, action, and even orgasm.

It’s the reason why traditional medications such as meditation and the standard medication such as therapies press to get control over the body.The control over the body also becomes vital when it comes to carrying orgasm.

If you can maneuver the orgasm on your will, you are ready to score brownie points on the bed, and more essentially— you are quick on your feet to satisfy your woman.

But sexual problems like premature ejaculation take away your control over the orgasm, and you rush to the climax involuntarily.

So, what devalues your control? What is it which snatches your ability to command your penis?

Sex is a beautiful series of accomplishment which consists of four components— the initial stimulation, plateau, orgasm, climax.

The series is affected the moment you lose power over ejaculation, and the beautiful act turns ugly.

Let’s look at some of the factors which cause premature ejaculation— the quick sex session.

The unavailability of sex partners

Premarital sex is a dreadful concept in many developing and emerging countries.A lot of men don’t enter into sexual activities until they marry.

The old-fogy religious rules worsen the situation by forcing to abstain self-exploration (masturbation).

Imagine a person at a heightened sexual desire refraining from sexual indulgence and relationship with the personal body— the person is bound to develop a sensitive reaction to the slightest of the sexual stimulation.

It is why premature ejaculation is a prevalent disorder in men who age between 20 to 40.

Molding of the psych

Yes, sex is an immoral act for some people.They consider it as a sin in the name of religion and belief.They are right because they are the product of sneeze or the sky.

Anyway, they inculcate the same feeling in their followers and mold their psychology— one of the primary pillars for having great sex.They condition them to believe that sex is terrible by sprinkling an act of guilt.

As their psychological state becomes pliable, even if they plan to drill their women, they ejaculate too early by the burden of guilt.

The effect of disorders on psych

On bad days, Premature ejaculation is a corollary disorder.It means that it springs out of other health problems like ADHD and sex problems like Erectile Dysfunction.

For example, a person who has erectile dysfunction would always fear that his penis might enter into the hibernation mode.

As a result, the person rushes to orgasm to prevent the death of the penis and possible humiliation attached with it.Similarly, patients who have ADHD are easily distracted during sexual sessions.

In practice to stay attentive, the patients ejaculate too early to avoid further distraction and foreseeable embarrassment.

The physiological impact

Psychological conditions are not the only contributing factors for premature ejaculation.Physioloical issues accord for a reasonable number of PE cases in the world.

Severe physiological conditions such as

  1. Hormonal imbalance in the body
  2. The inability to read the ejaculation signal sent by the messengers and reflex transmitters.
  3. There have been studies which prove that thyroid issues make way for premature ejaculation. Treating thyroid dropped the PE cases significantly. [1]
  4. Surgeries related to prostate issues or the infection developed in the prostate.

Let’s get over PE

  1. There’s a whole lot of medication including the chemicals such as Dapoxetine— the SSRI component which enhances the serotonin activities in the body and delays the orgasm.
  2. PDE5 inhibiting drugs attenuate erectile dysfunction. The rectified ED issue prevent men from rushing into orgasm.
  3. Condoms, Gels, Sprays, etc. desensitize or numb the sensitivity of the penis. It, as a result, diminishes the sexual stimulation and prolongs the session.