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  1. October 12, 2019

    How To Make Your Sex Life Last Longer?

    Often, both men and women complain of having a dissatisfying sex life, because the act does not last long enough.

    Generally, it is in the hands of the male partner to determine how long the act will be.

    However, many men suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation, which shortens sex, leading to frustration for both the partners.

    It is unfortunate that most couples adopt a hush-hush approach about it, since sex is a taboo, thereby leading to such issues often being overlooked or not sought medical help for.

    However, many times it may be, so that premature ejaculation happens not due to underlying health issues or medical problems, but this happens due to certain lifestyle habits.

    Also, the fact that men generally achieve orgasm faster than women also leads to an incompatibility between partners, wherein the woman feels dissatisfied.The following are some of the simple tips you can follow to make sex last longer:

    Change your food

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  2. October 12, 2019

    How To Spend The Best Time On Bed

    How To Spend The Best Time On Bed

    Do you remember one of the most iconic characters “Amelie” from Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s movie “Amelie?”

    We are talking about Amelie because she never gained pleasure out of sex. The movie has portrayed her as an asexual character who remains indifferent to the sexual acts.

    Despite trying hard, she couldn’t gain the level of pleasure which a sexual person like her partner would get. The imbalance of sexual pleasure had cost her the boyfriends and poor sexual life.

    In actuality, the only way to spend the best time on the bed is by resonating with your partner’s pleasure. If your pleasure fails to tune with your partner’s, your motto of surviving the best time on the bed dies.

    Also, few of the books suggest that men reach their climax in less than 2 minutes, while women take around 15 minutes to get their job done. It means that y

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  3. October 12, 2019

    How to Treat Blood Cancer: Best Medicine For Treating Blood Cancer

    How to Treat Blood Cancer: Best Medicine For Treating Blood Cancer.

    We all are born with specific blood-cell numbers in our bodies.

    Each cell type has its role to play.

    Red blood cells make the blood red and carry oxygen to the body; White blood cells are the warriors who bar up our immune system, and Platelet cells help in blood clotting by preventing the bleeding.

    The definition

    Blood cancer is a deadly condition characterized by ill-functioning of any of these blood-cell types.

    It occurs when any blood-cell type starts multiplying and build-up chunks in the bone marrow (a semi-solid tissue where new blood cell are produced) and other tissues.

    As a result, they fail to work for what they were meant.

    The effect

    Platelet could no longer clot the blood leading to excessive bleeding, the red blood cells lose the ability to distribute the oxygen to the body causing hypoxemia

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  4. October 12, 2019

    Ignorance Is Bliss As It Prevents Erectile Dysfunction

    Your inability to ignore is one of the primary contributing factors for Erectile Dysfunction.

    You don’t trust me?

    Almost 80% of Erectile Dysfunctions go unnoticed or unreported [1].

    Why do they go unreported?

    Because you are too shy to admit the truth? I don’t agree to that— I can’t buy that reason.

    The main reason is your “inability to accept ignorance as the most powerful tool.”

    Because you are too ignorant to consider ignorance as your legitimate strength.

    It’s the best gift one can ever possess, especially when it comes to sexual disorders like impotence, low sex drives, fallen sexual desire, etc.

    But let’s find ou

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  5. October 12, 2019

    How Traveling Helps In Fighting Depression

    How Traveling Helps In Fighting Depression

    Depression is a mental disorder and a important contributor to the global load of diseases. It affects millions of people everywhere the world. Depression is Engrave by the depressed mood, loss of concern or pleasure, feeling of guilt, low self worth, disturbed sleep, poor centralisation, and low energy. regret is a mood disorder which primarily includes three types of depressive disorder:

    Major regret involves many symptoms of depression and it is one of the most Dangerous types of depressive disorder. It include incorporate symptoms like persistent sadness, loss of interest, helplessness, and Embody sleeping.

    A persistent depressive disorder is less severe as compared to major regret and it involves symptoms like poor proclivity, irritability,

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  6. October 12, 2019

    How to Satisfy your Girlfriend Using Generic Viagra

    How to Satisfy your Girlfriend Using Generic Viagra

    Has erectile dysfunction distanced your girlfriend from you?

    Are your girlfriend’s mental and emotional state of minds not satisfied due to your sexual incapabilities?

    You need a new girlfriend. Just kidding!

    You don’t need prayers; you don’t need hopes, you don’t need sympathies; you only need Generic Viagra to make your girl moan out your name loudly while performing sexual artistry.

    A single pill can change your life.

    • It will give you a chunky-thick dick.
    • It will induce terrific masculinity and make your dick a giant drilling machine.
    • It will make your baby making shaft a hard-working digger with hours and hours of digging skills.
    • It would empower you to
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  7. October 12, 2019

    Importance Of Pelvic Floor Muscles For Sexual Health

    Importance Of Pelvic Floor Muscles For Sexual Health

    Pelvic floor muscles play an significant role in maintaining the sexual health. Male pelvic floor muscle function is involved in erectile function and coordinating sediment. Sexual dysfunction is highly prevalent in men and pelvic floor fully bestead to male sexual function. Pelvic floor muscles are fundamental a network of muscles that basement the bladder and aid to control a flow of the urine.

    Exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

    Exercises strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Numerous discoverer believe that physical fitness amplify sexual responsiveness and raise the overall sexual behavior in men. training strengthens the muscles that make orgasm. Some exercises that energies pelvic floor muscles incorporate.

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  8. October 12, 2019

    How Testosterone Is Linked With Men's Health

    How Testosterone Is Linked With Mens health?

    Testosterone is an significant hormone that plays a key role and throws a major impression on the muscle mass and body fat settlement. It is a steroid hormone that is accountable for the development and subsistence of the masculine characteristics. Testosterone is constitute in both males and females but in males, it is Confidential in large contents by the testicles. Fildena 50mg shows its effects pending three discrete platform of life, prenatal period, puberty period and adulthood. The testosterone level in the body not only influence the growth of masculine features such as penis, and beards but it also affects the

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  9. October 12, 2019

    How To Avoid Pregnancy By Taking Precautions

    How To Avoid Pregnancy

    Your sex drive sometimes pushes you beyond the line which you never wanted to— the path of becoming a father or mother.

    There’s always something positive and negative for an event.

    Looking at the negative purview,  unprotected sex makes your partner pregnant, unwillingly.

    Looking at the positive purview, uncontrolled and unprotected sex is a symbol of a healthy sexual relationship considering millions of people suffer from sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, sexual arousal disorder, etc.

    It shows that your level of testosterone are marshaling forward like warriors, and you don’t want to control the sexual urge— not even for the contraceptives.

    Well, who wants to? Take pride in your masculinity.

    Keeping aside the perspectives, if you want to avoid pregnancy, start taking precautions— yes, even

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  10. October 12, 2019

    How Summers Can Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction

    I know you have despised hot summers all your life, and you want to continue with your hatred; however, it’s the exact opportunity to love them for the first time.

    Well, it’s not compulsive to love them, but what if I told you that your penis might function remarkably well in the summers?Will you still hate them?

    Sorry for putting the naive question as who would hate anything which enhances the operation of the penis?

    Alright, now that you are curious about “how summers treat erectile dysfunction,” let me floor the truth through the following points.

    It may shed weight and erectile dysfunction.

    Have you heard people emphasizing on weight loss programs during the summer season?

    It’s because it’s relatively more natural for us to give up the extra share of weight from our body in the summers.During summers, the level of serotonin hormones goes up

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