Your inability to ignore is one of the primary contributing factors for Erectile Dysfunction.

You don’t trust me?

Almost 80% of Erectile Dysfunctions go unnoticed or unreported [1].

Why do they go unreported?

Because you are too shy to admit the truth? I don’t agree to that— I can’t buy that reason.

The main reason is your “inability to accept ignorance as the most powerful tool.”

Because you are too ignorant to consider ignorance as your legitimate strength.

It’s the best gift one can ever possess, especially when it comes to sexual disorders like impotence, low sex drives, fallen sexual desire, etc.

But let’s find out why you failed to report your impotence before we discuss how ignorance can blissfully treat your Erectile Disorders.

You fear humiliation

Well, if I am not wrong, you can’t stand humiliation by your colleagues, friends, family members or sometimes even your partner. That’s pretty common in most of the patients, and you are no different.

You are terrorized by judgment

You harbor a belief that others would judge you (a terrible paradox), would make fun and mockery of you at the same time— and you have no substantial response to your haters.

You are uncomfortable

You are uncomfortable in sharing your issues with your partner, doctor, and even your friends. Your awkwardness is natural because anything related to sex is seen as taboo and kept away from the public domain.

You are ashamed

You’re embarrassed to confess your disorder because you belong to the same sect who either humiliates or mocks when you come across the similar kind of situation.

Whatever may be the reason, you are not doing any good to your health by staying quiet— as there are enough reasons which already play an instrumental role in developing ED, your silence would only catalyze the rate of effect.

Instead, you are heading towards the deeper pile of mud from where it’s nearly impossible to make a comeback.

To avoid such worst conditions— start ignoring right from today itself.

Here’s how ignorance could bring back your sexual liveliness and strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Ignore humiliation and humiliators

Get one fact straight into your cerebrum— the people who humiliate you at your hard time don’t deserve you at your good time.

Ignorance is an art as it makes you feel fantastic about not giving tinkle attention to the people who only block your standard of living.

When you give thought space to your humiliators, you are giving your body a chance to produce Cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone— the hormone which induces depression in your body and further depletes your ED conditions.

Ignore people who judge you

Honestly, no doctors judge you— they are professional help who have come across such cases throughout their careers.

If your partner judges you— you either need to talk out your problems and address or you need a new partner— a partner who loves you for what you are.

Again, your fear of judgment effectuates adrenaline and cortisol hormone in your bloodstream— the body fuels which are good as long as they aren’t long-lasting.

If your fear lasts longer than the anticipated, it may imbalance your psychological state worsening your situation.

Hence, ignore everything which increases your performance anxiety.


We ignore proper medication; we ignore sex education, we ignore casual discussions— things which are vital for us and our future to come.

If we want to ignore something, we should ignore the society which aggravates us, which pokes nose at our business.

Ignoring them, on the whole, could give us ample space to ponder about our situation and motivate us to discover the right cure.

So, when do you plan to ignore those who degrade your condition? Let’s take fun in ignoring the ideological defaulters