How To Spend The Best Time On Bed

Do you remember one of the most iconic characters “Amelie” from Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s movie “Amelie?”

We are talking about Amelie because she never gained pleasure out of sex. The movie has portrayed her as an asexual character who remains indifferent to the sexual acts.

Despite trying hard, she couldn’t gain the level of pleasure which a sexual person like her partner would get. The imbalance of sexual pleasure had cost her the boyfriends and poor sexual life.

In actuality, the only way to spend the best time on the bed is by resonating with your partner’s pleasure. If your pleasure fails to tune with your partner’s, your motto of surviving the best time on the bed dies.

Also, few of the books suggest that men reach their climax in less than 2 minutes, while women take around 15 minutes to get their job done. It means that you fail to appeal your partner for 13 long minutes.

With the lapse of days, your partner slowly becomes non-stimulant to your presence, and you ultimately lose the charm of the sexual life. So, what could you or Amelie do to have the best of times on the bed with your partner? Let’s check out:

Take full advantage of cardio: Organized physical movements like swimming, jogging, or aerobics toughen your internal system and control your respiratory cycle during sex. A sturdy body, in turn, reduces the chance of premature ejaculation.

Write new scripts, daily: Studies suggest the relationship between muscle memory and the repeated sex position. When your brain efficiently learns about one of the positions, you don’t feel enthralled after some courses. No matter how hard sex you perform, your body needs a new plot, a new script. So, try to be creative while positioning yourself every day.

Discover your climax plot: You have to find your orgasmic point. Certain things usher you towards climax every day. Figuring out and stopping at that point and restarting from scratch can reward you with the prolonged sex duration. A purposeful delay at the climax point will hike your contentment.

Pelvic floor exercise, Not a joke: If minimal sex stimulants cause premature orgasm, you need strong pelvic floor muscles. Kegel or Pelvic floor exercise feeds toughness in your pelvic muscles, and you can contract your muscle to delay the climax on will.

The correct balance between inter and outercourse: Kissing, cuddling, massaging, and oral is the essential outercourse stimulants. Most of the women fail to reach orgasm by the intercourse alone. If you maintain the right balance between the outercourse and intercourse, you may hand over the best time to you and your partner.

Know your boundaries: Despite sticking to the perfect course, you might not enjoy the session with your partner. It becomes imperative for you to note down your boundaries and weaknesses. If you are aware of your sexual dysfunctionality, you can channelize your energy in resorting to the medicines for performing hard sex as you want. You can use Sildenafil to push your boundaries and exploring the new ones.

Sticking to the schedule: If you rely on external drugs for getting the best moment on the bed, stick to the table. Apply or administer them at your specified time. For example, if you use Lignocaine Spray for penis numbing and delaying the ejaculation, ensure that you employ it 20 minutes before the session.

So, what gives you the best sex life? Can you think of an idea which enhances your performance and satisfies your partner? Let’s us know about what you practice and what you want to practice.