Often, both men and women complain of having a dissatisfying sex life, because the act does not last long enough.

Generally, it is in the hands of the male partner to determine how long the act will be.

However, many men suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation, which shortens sex, leading to frustration for both the partners.

It is unfortunate that most couples adopt a hush-hush approach about it, since sex is a taboo, thereby leading to such issues often being overlooked or not sought medical help for.

However, many times it may be, so that premature ejaculation happens not due to underlying health issues or medical problems, but this happens due to certain lifestyle habits.

Also, the fact that men generally achieve orgasm faster than women also leads to an incompatibility between partners, wherein the woman feels dissatisfied.The following are some of the simple tips you can follow to make sex last longer:

Change your food habits:

While it apparently may have nothing to do with sex, it should interest you to know that eating right can have a significant impact on your sex life.

It is always advisable to go for natural, wholesome, healthy foods which boost serotonin levels in the brain.

This, in turn, boosts the psychological well-being and instils a feel-good vibe.It brings down stress levels, and facilitates the sexual activities.

For example, eggs are known to increase the amount of testosterone and improve your sexual performance, since it contains cholesterol.

Quit smoking as early as possible:

Quitting smoking is a necessary step in improving your sex life.

It is one of the primary causes of premature ejaculation, which dampens the entire act.

Once you abstain from smoking, you can feel the difference, besides, of course, other positive changes.

Control or delay ejaculation through Kegel excercise:

Kegel exercise allows a man to control the contractions of the penis, thus giving you the power to make sex last longer.

You can do this anytime anywhere by contracting and releasing the pelvic floor muscles.As you near ejaculation, try this exercise, and you might be able to control ejaculation.

It can prove to be immensely helpful in delaying ejaculation and prolonging the duration of sex.

Breathing during the act:

While sex is said to make, one go breathless, learning to breathe during the act plays a crucial role in making sex last longer.

Besides, if you focus on breathing the actual sensation of it, your performance, as well as sexual satisfaction, will be enhanced.

Try Masturbating to master the act:

This can be quite tricky, as for some men, indulge in masturbation translates to reduced sensation in the penile tip, thus helping in prolonging the act, while for others; masturbation may kill the sex drive.Give it a shot to see if it works for you.

Desensitising the penis to reduce pain:

If the tip of your penis is extra-sensitive, it can lead to premature ejaculation, reducing the duration of the sexual act.Condoms or desensitising creams can be of help to deal with this problem.

Other serious medical conditions:

If you think your premature ejaculation is occurring due to some medical issue, you should immediately consult an expert in the field and get it treated.

Another critical point which needs to be mentioned is that fretting too much over premature ejaculation can worsen the problem.

In many instances, performance anxiety is the essential contributor to miserable sex life;

So, a simple solution might be of great help for you. Stop worrying about it excessively.

If you wish to discuss a specific problem and seek help concerning your sex life, consider consulting a sexologist, rather than seeking the expert opinions of your friends or family members.