A lot many factors like diet, habits, sleep cycle, etc. contribute to Erectile dysfunction (ED)— a disorder identified as a sexual problem which hinders the persistent erection of the penis.

However, sometimes, other diseases accompany ED in a comorbid condition.

A comorbid condition occurs when one disease accompanies or make way for other illness at the same time.

In simpler terms, we can say that when one or more diseases co-occur from the primary disease (s).

Let’s inspect some of the medical conditions which lay you bare to the threats of impotence.

HIV Aids

The global HIV prevalence crossed a massive 37 million mark in 2017 [1].

HIV does two things— deteriorates your body and shatters your confidence.

It also chips in comorbid conditions like impotence and depression.

According to one of the clinical studies, the rate of Erectile dysfunction  in HIV infected men is more than a whopping 70%.

Out of all the respondents, 51% of HIV patients had milder ED-effect.

33% of the HIV patients had developed moderate ED issues, and more than 15% of men suffered severe ED condition [2].

As HIV disturbs a person emotionally, it indirectly causes stress and eventual depression.

A person suffering from deadly ailment release more cortisol than the healthy body— a stress hormone.

As cortisol hormone impacts the mental health, the body fails to cope up with the changing psychological environment and sexual desire gets impeded.

As a result, a person fails to get an erection.

Lymphedema or Elephantiasis

The infectious or noninfectious trigger lead to Lymphedema or better known as Elephantiasis.

In 2007, more than 546 million people were prevented by antidotes [3].

As of today, a mammoth total of 856 million people stretched over 52 countries globally remain threatened by it.

The disease also makes way for psychological morbidity and complications leading to Genital Elephantiasis— a disorder with bloated or swollen genital.

As the disease inculcates fear in the psyche of the patients, they gradually develop ED.

Gum Diseases

Well, this is surprising, but your teeth hygiene has a lot to do with an erection.

More than 150 men were subjected to the clinical test.

In the research, an astonishing link was drawn between the gum disease and ED in 75% of them [4].

In Gum diseases like chronic periodontal disease (CPD), our body gives an inflammatory response.

Due to inflammation, endothelial cells which form the lining of the blood vessels get damaged.

It impairs the functioning of blood vessels making it extremely hard for the blood influx in the penis.

Also, as the blood vessels in the penis are small, they are affected much earlier than in the other organs.

Rheumatoid arthritis

It’s a disorder which impacts the joint in the body.

With age, it gets worse.

More than 31 million Americans suffer from it [5], and it’s expected to hit an enormous population, i.e., 78 million by 2040.

In layman’s, RA is characterized by joint inflammation.

In some of the medical conditions, it was observed that men with Arthritis have higher chances of blossoming ED.

RA causes blood vessel inflammation in the penile region.

Inflammation impairs the blood flow in the penis causing impotence.

RA can impact sexual life in other ways as well.

It’s known to lower the standard of living by adding depressive symptom in the body.

And we are well aware of the fact that depression also kills the sex drive— the ultimate entity for carrying beautiful and joyous sex.

The human body is very typical. It needs bait, and it can catch diseases like fire. If you neglect the repercussions of one condition, you will ultimately have to battle out with a few more.

So, ensure that you are having regular sexual health assessment— the fad which never came.