We are in an era when society is at its prime in judging you, and that worsens when their judgment is based on your sexual abilities.

They salute the power of your drilling machine— the machine which possesses the grinding attitude— which stands firm and satisfies as many women.

And the people who have rusty machines— the machines which aren’t good enough to satisfy partners are seen with contempt.

They are humiliated time and again. Their relationships take the backseat. And if that’s not enough, they are forced to feel depressed— the depression which furthers their Erectile Disorder.

But trust me, you can obliterate your sexual depression by finding the cause and working on them.

There may be several factors which give rise to your sexual disorder— look around, address those factors, and get better in getting better.

There may be things at your place which contribute to your impotence. Avoid those things to give a slight improvement to your health.

Metal cans, plastic bottles, and baby containers with epoxy coating

In the last century, storage has changed considerably.

What we stored in pots are stored in plastics containers and metal cans. And rightly so— as they keep the food items safe and preserve it from oxidation.

But how do they get the preserving characteristic?

When the epoxy resin (made up of bisphenol-A(BPA) chemical) is applied to the walls of the cans and containers, they prevent rusting and protect the stored items from the oxygen.

But these chemicals are also mixed with the food items.

When you consume bisphenol-A-rich food, you are exposing yourself to the dangers of erectile dysfunction.

Although the link between BPA and ED is debatable, some of the studies conducted by the Journal of Human Reproduction on the workers of BPA making factories surfaced shocking inferences.

The study revealed that they have low sex drives and toxic sexual relationship [1].

Tip: We are habituated to these packagings and getting rid of them is nearly impossible; however, we should ensure that we minimize their use and also keep the kids away from these type of storage at home.

Minimizing their use doesn’t guarantee enhanced sex drive, but it inevitably opens a narrow window of hope.

Toiletries and cosmetics with Phthalates

In the earlier times, mud bathing was a fad— as many believed that it was good for skin.

With the leaping time, we slowly switched our preferences from mud to the synthetic toiletries and cosmetics— we have unfortunately filled our homes with such items.

Some toiletry goods are stored in the bottles which have phthalates— a chemical which may well significantly reduce your testosterone level and kill your sex drive.

The same chemical is also used in the cosmetic items at your home— hair spray, body lotions, shampoos, nail paints, etc.

Watch out for phthalates exposure. The study by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has drawn a probable relationship between phthalates-rich cosmetics and toiletries and reduced level of sex drive which causes ED [2].

Tip: No, I am not asking you to head back to mud. You can pour out the cosmetics in the mud pots and continue to use it.

The idea is to avoid leaching of the plastic with the substance.


It’s not easy to escape these chemicals when they are everywhere around us.

Your awareness is the only way by which you can diminish your exposure to these chemicals.

Chemicals are our hidden-spouses— even though we avert the mentioned chemicals, we’d somehow manage to intake some other chemicals from other sources which might become a budding factor for the same disease.

So, whatever you use— follow these steps to stay sexually healthy.

  • Read the chemical components.
  • Search about their impact on your health.
  • Calculate their intake.